Market America | SHOP.COM Comes Clean With A Facial Cleanser Guide Broken Down By Skin Type

Using a good facial cleanser keeps your skin healthy, smooth and clear of blemishes and impurities. But choosing the right product can be a daunting task. With hundreds of options and endless ingredient combinations, it’s hard to know which cleanser is the right one for you. The trick is to identify your skin type and find a cleanser that’s formulated to help with your skin’s specific issues. Keep in mind that normal skin can often have patches of dry, oily or a combination of both dry and oily skin. That’s why Market America | SHOP.COM is here with a facial cleanser guide to help you based on your skin type.

Cleansers for Your Skin Type

Normal To Dry Skin: Foam cleansers can dry out the skin, so avoid those and look for cleansing creams, creamy, non-foaming or oil-based cleansers with emollients that hydrate the skin and humectants like glycerin that lock in the moisture. You can also look for cleansing balms that are thick, creamy, oil-based formulas that deep-clean pores without leaving your skin feeling dry as a desert or consider no-rinse cleansers, which save your skin from drying out from being rinsed.

Normal To Oily Skin: If your skin is oily it can be tempting to use a harsh cleanser that strips all oil from your skin, but this will actually just encourage your skin to produce more oil to replace it. Instead, look for foaming or gel cleansers that are oil free and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores).

Sensitive Skin: Look for cleansers labeled “soap-free,” which means they don’t have harsh detergents that can irritate the skin. Fragrance-free cleansers with natural or hypoallergenic ingredients will work best for you; look for ones with glycerin to protect your skin from outside irritants.

Acne-Prone Skin: For those with persistent acne, a medicated cleanser is the way to go. These include ingredients like salicylic acid, which clears blocked pores and reduces swelling, and benzoyl peroxide, which exfoliates skin and kills bacteria.

Combination Skin: One trick for combination skin is to use different cleansers for the dry and oily areas of your face. If you don’t want to use two products, look for a gentle gel or foaming cleanser that is formulated to balance the skin without drying it out.

Here are some great FAQs and answers to further assist you.

Facial Cleanser FAQs:

How often should I use facial cleanser?
It’s recommended to wash your face with cleanser twice a day — once in the morning and once at night. Washing your face more than this may dry out your skin or prompt it to produce more oil.

Is a facial cleanser the only skincare product I need?
While cleanser is the main skincare product that people think of, other skincare products are equally important. Toner should be applied after cleanser to finish the cleaning process and prepare the skin for hydration, followed by a facial moisturizer to hydrate and protect the skin.

What different types of facial cleansers are available?
There are many different types of cleansers. Foaming and gel cleansers are among the most common and work well for normal to oily skin. Non-foaming cleansers are gentle, making them ideal for sensitive skin. Cleansing creams are thicker products that provide extra hydration for dry skin. Oil cleansers are made from dry oils that have anti-bacterial properties that cleanse the face without drying it out.

What should I use to apply cleanser to my face?
If your skin is dry or sensitive, it is recommended to use your hands to gently apply cleanser to your face as using a cloth can irritate your skin. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, using a cloth is preferable as it prevents oils from your hands being transferred to your face.

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