Market America | SHOP.COM Donates Products To Family Service Of The Piedmont

Community outreach and giving back has always been a big part of who we are as a core value of Market America. Our business is built on the foundation of helping others succeed, so it’s only natural for us to apply that to other areas of life. We’re thrilled to share with you a tremendously uplifting video which highlights a special visit we recently had at Family Service of the Piedmont, an amazing local charity which gives individuals and families hope and assistance in times of need.

Mariah Ashley was on hand for a special holiday donation of Motives cosmetics products as well as hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer. With people coming together for the holidays, we want everyone to feel special, and working with the amazing team at Family Service of the Piedmont is a great way for us to make a positive impact within our local community.

Have a look below at this inspirational video, and share it with others to inspire hope and giving throughout the holiday season! A special thanks to Lori Poper with Family Service of the Piedmont for going above and beyond to help those who need it most. People like you make the world a better place!

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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