Market America SHOP.COM Partners With Packsize To Solve Packaging Constraints And Improve Efficiencies While Becoming More Environmentally Friendly

Market America | SHOP.COM, a global product brokerage and internet marketing company that specializes in one-to-one marketing, is proud to announce its partnership with Right-sized Packaging on Demand® manufacturer, Packsize International, LLC. With the introduction of Packsize machine systems, Market America | SHOP.COM has already begun optimizing its labor and material efficiencies across its main warehouse at its corporate headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina.

To improve the overall customer experience, Market America | SHOP.COM customers are receiving the products they ordered in a right-sized box – the smallest possible box size to fill the order. This happens through Packsize’s semi-automated X4® packaging system, producing custom-sized boxes that are not too big or too small but just the right size for the specific order of each customer.

“By implementing Packsize technology, our company moved from six stock box sizes to over 150 box size options and is continuing to expand,” said Marc Ashley, President and Chief Operating Officer of Market America Worldwide. “Traditionally, having more sizes of boxes would mean having a surplus of boxes in various sizes, taking up more space in our warehouse. With Packsize’s X4 packaging system, however, a machine located on-site is able to produce custom boxes at various sizes and dimensions that are already glued and labeled, at a rate of up to 300 boxes an hour. This allows Market America | SHOP.COM to significantly reduce the amount of warehouse space dedicated for packaging supplies while also reducing the amount of corrugated material – the product made from trees to make cardboard boxes – that the company uses. We are literally solving packaging constraints and improving efficiencies in our warehouse while protecting the environment, so we are already in the process of evaluating how to implement this same technology at all of our distribution centers around the world.”

No matter what the need is, today’s consumers are buying online, on a daily basis, from the comfort of their own home. More online purchases mean an increase of packaging materials are used, often ending up as waste. In fact, an article in the Wall Street Journal estimates shipping demand in Q4 2020 will outpace supply by 8.7% with daily demand for shipping reaching 86.3 million packages a day.

“From an efficiency standpoint, we have actually reclaimed space in our warehouse by not having thousands of pre-sized cardboard boxes waiting to be used. The X4 technology can make the exact size shipping box each customer needs for their particular order at an on demand basis. On top of this, we have decreased the time and manpower we used to spend filling each customer’s shipping box with packaging materials so that nothing they ordered would move around inside the box or be damaged when transported from the warehouse to our customer’s front door,” said Chad Sullivan, Market America | SHOP.COM Director of Global Distribution.

According to Packsize E-Commerce Solutions Product Management Director, Connor Pehrson, “When we met with Market America | SHOP.COM, the company’s leadership wanted to find a packaging resource that offered more than a quick fix but a long-term solution to the ongoing problem of waste that comes from discarded packaging. When we walked through our Smart Packaging for a Healthy Planet® program, we knew that we would be partnering with like-minded business leaders who wanted the best for their customers and for the planet. As more of us turn to ordering products online, we are more aware of the cost and waste associated with poor packaging. As demand increases for next-day or same day delivery, people cross-generationally are seeking better ways to be more sustainable and responsible online consumers. Packsize anticipates that Market America | SHOP.COM will be able to reduce packaging material usage up to 80%, while reducing the amount of corrugated material by 25%.”

Market America | SHOP.COM is a global product brokerage and internet marketing company that specializes in one-to-one marketing and is the creator of The Shopping Annuity®. Its mission is to provide a robust business system for entrepreneurs, while providing consumers a better way to shop. Headquartered in Greensboro, NC and with locations in eight countries, including the US, Market America was founded in 1992 by Chairman and CEO JR Ridinger. Through the company’s primary shopping website, SHOP.COM, consumers have access to millions of products, including Market America exclusive brands and thousands of top retail brands. SHOP.COM ranks 11th in Newsweek Magazine’s 2020 Best Online Shops, #42 on Digital Commerce 360’s (formerly Internet Retailer) 2020 Top 100 Online Marketplaces, #67 in Digital Commerce 360’s (formerly Internet Retailer) 2020 Top 1,000 Online Retailers, #12 in the 2019 Internet Retailer Primary Merchandise Category Top 500, #96 in the 2018 Internet Retailer Asia 500 and #18 in 2017’s Internet Retailer Mobile 500. The company is also a two-time winner of the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics and received 2019’s Triad Business Journal’s “Fast 50” award as one of the top privately-held companies for sustained growth, driving the area’s economy, marking the 14th time the company has received this recognition. Market America has also been named on Grant Thornton’s North Carolina 100® (NC 100) ranking of the state’s largest private companies by revenue 14 consecutive years. By combining Market America’s entrepreneurial business model with SHOP.COM’s powerful comparative shopping engine, Cashback ProgramHot DealsSHOPBuddy® Express Pay check out, social shopping integration and countless other features, the company has become the ultimate online shopping destination.

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Packsize International LLC., is the award-winning supply chain and sustainable packaging industry leader in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Packsize introduced Right-sized Packaging on Demand® in 2002 to give customers the ability to make their own boxes without investing capital into equipment, maintenance, and programming. Today, as a multinational manufacturer of advanced packaging systems and automated packaging machine technology, Packsize customers receive a tailored pre-configured packaging system and optimized workflow designed to deliver the scalable performance and reliability needed for highly efficient packaging environments.

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