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What products do you need for the perfect pout? There are tons of lip products out there — balms, bases, treatments, glosses, stains……..the list goes on. How are they all different and which ones do you need? Market America | SHOP.COM is here to help with a lip guide that provides an overview of the most common types of lip care and color so you can get great lip products without the guesswork all in one guide.

Exfoliators & Scrubs
These products contain pumice or other materials that exfoliate the lips to remove dry skin. This makes the lips smoother and allows for better color application. Exfoliation can dry out the lips, so use one that includes a moisturizer or apply lip balm afterward.
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Lip Balms
The main purpose of lip balm is to moisturize the lips. This keeps lips soft and repairs chapping or cracking. Many also contain SPF to protect against sunburn and cancer. Most lip balms have no color but some have a slight tint for a natural glow.
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Lip Treatments
Lip treatments give deep, intense hydration to the lips to keep them soft and healthy. They are usually infused with vitamins and antioxidants that lock in moisture and create a barrier against outside elements. They should be part of your routine for keeping lips healthy, while balm can be applied for quick and instant hydration during the day.
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Primers & Bases
A lip base or primer is applied before lip color to help it adhere to the lips better and last longer. It fills in lines, wrinkles and uneven places so color can be applied evenly. It also helps hydrate the lips so the color doesn’t dry them out and prevents smudging and creasing of lip color.
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Lip Plumpers
Lip plumping products make your lips fuller and more firm. Many of these products use collagen, which improves the elasticity and resilience of the skin and helps it bind and retain water.
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Lip Gloss & Shine
Lip glosses and shines are liquid-based products that give the lip shine or sparkle. They usually have a sheer tint, so they can be worn on their own or layered on top of lipstick to add shine to your favorite color.
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Lipstick is a solid product that provides a thicker, more substantial coat of color than lip gloss. It comes in a variety of finishes and coverage types, including sheer, semi-matte, cream, matte and satin.
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Lip Liner
Lip liner should be applied along the outer edges of the lips to prevent your lip color from “bleeding.” It should be applied before the lip color and should be close to the same shade. Liners can be found in pencil or crayon form.
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Lip Stain
Lip stain is a liquid-based color that penetrates deep into the lip and lasts 8 to 12 hours. It doesn’t rub off like lipstick and usually requires a special product for removal. Stain can dry out the lips so use it in conjunction with a good balm or lip treatment.
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