Market America | SHOP.COM Shares the Only Product You Need For a Natural Everyday Makeup Look

We get it, nothing is the same as putting on a full face of makeup, making you feel like you can conquer the world, but let’s be real, there are some days we just don’t have the time or effort required to contour, highlight and add blush to create our ideal complexion. What if we told you that you can elevate your skin’s natural complexion with just one product? Yeah, you read that right. Market AmericaSHOP.COM is going to break down why the Lumière de Vie® Lumi-Sticks are the perfect product for a natural, everyday makeup look.

We like to think of the Lumière de Vie® Lumi-Sticks as an elevated version of blush – they add a pop of color while also hydrating your skin and adding a little highlight and glow. Blush has actually been a well-loved makeup essential since the time of the ancient Egyptians and while its time in the spotlight had its ups and downs through the Middle Ages, Queen Elizabeth I actually endorsed the use of blush again during her reign from 1558-1603. As makeup production became industrialized, it was then safer to use and blush became mainstream. Even major male icons like David Bowie were known for wearing blush and while its popularity in makeup trends has fluctuated, it has always been a classic. Using blush as a pop of color can warm up fair skin, brighten tired skin and be used in so many different ways. That’s why we created the Lumière de Vie® Lumi-Sticks to give you all the benefits of blush and more!

An easy way to add a hint of color and radiance to your complexion, there’s not much these Lumi-Sticks can’t do. Their compact size allows you to take them on the go, so you can be runway ready no matter where you are. Made with conditioning ingredients, the Lumi-Sticks not only create a subtle dewy finish but mold to your skin so well, you won’t even be able to tell its makeup! With five different shades, you can mix and match to highlight or just use one shade for a clean and subtle look. Lumière de Vie® Lumi-Sticks can even be applied to the lips, eyes, cheeks and body – talk about versatile! Pop some color on your shoulders to get that extra eye-catching glow or swipe some on your lips for a subtle lip look. From a dusty neutral rose to a sun kissed bronze, you can find a shade perfect for your complexion.

Also available globally on http://www.Global.SHOP.COM.

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