Market America | SHOP.COM Takes The Guesswork Out Of Achieving The Perfect Brow With Its Eyebrow Guide

Pencils, powders, gels…which products do you need to achieve perfect brows? From which products are best for what and some clever tips to achieve the most attractive eyebrow shape, Market America | SHOP.COM is taking the guesswork out of it all by providing a guide to the perfect brows.

Eyebrow Powders

Powders create the softest and most natural color and definition for your brows. They fill in the brows to make them uniform but aren’t solid enough to correct brow shape. Powders are easily blendable so you can customize your own perfect shade and you can build coverage from sheer to full. Brow kits often come with several shades you can use to contour and highlight the entire brow area.

Best for: A natural look with buildable coverage from light to full

Eyebrow Pencils

Pencils are a quick and easy all-in-one tool for filling and shaping your brows in one fell swoop. They are more precise than powders and gels, giving you more control to define your brow shape. There are many different kinds, from waxier versions that glide on smoothly to felt-tipped liquid pens that can be used to stencil in individual hairs.

Best for: Instant brow shape and definition

Eyebrow Gels

Brow gels come in tubes with spoolie brushes, similar to mascara. They are applied only to the hair on your brow, not to the skin underneath like powders and pencils, so they should be used over a filler or on brows that are naturally defined. They can give a subtle gloss or sheen to your brows, like mascara does for lashes, and are great for holding unruly brows in place. Many gels are tinted but you can also use clear gel to set a powder in place.

Best for: Adding color or gloss to naturally defined brows

Eyebrow Wax

Wax is the end-all product for holding your brow shape and color in place all day long — most are even waterproof. Brow kits often include a clear wax to shape your brows and set the color in place. If you’re using a tinted version, just remember the product is very concentrated so you only need a small amount.

Best for: Holding your brow shape and color all day

Tips for Beautiful Brows:

• Before using any brow product, shape your brows using wax or tweezers. This will give you a clear, defined shape to follow as you apply brow products.
• Which shade to use for which product? When using gel, use the same shade as your brows or one shade darker. For pencils and powders, which create a more natural look, go a little lighter.
• Not sure what to do with the multiple shades in a brow kit? Use a shade a bit lighter than your brow color just under the arch to highlight it. Some kits include a skintone shade as well to use on the brow bone. You can also blend shades together to customize the perfect shade for your brow.
• No matter what brow product you use, brush through your brows with a spoolie brush afterward to make sure it’s blended throughout. For the best brow shape, make sure to brush the hairs up and outward.

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