Market America | SHOP.COM’s 28-Day Skincare Challenge And Free Online Skincare Analysis Reveals Results For Oily Skin

In November 2020, Loren Ridinger, Senior Executive Vice President of Market America | SHOP.COM Worldwide, founder of the Motives® cosmetics line and beauty and fashion icon, announced the launch of the Motives 28-Day Skincare Challenge. Open to anyone around the world, Loren and her team of skincare experts held weekly live online skincare forums to help educate everyone who participated about the importance of a daily skincare regimen and what role each product category — facial cleansers, toners, moisturizers, exfoliators, serums, masques and more — plays in taking care of and maintaining healthy facial skin. The reason for a 28-day challenge was to help take a new skincare routine and turn it into a daily habit — while also allowing those who participated to take a before and after photo so each person could see any difference for themselves. Both women and men around the world joined in and the results were rather impressive. Among those was Eudora, a 32-year-old African America woman, living in Boston Massachusetts, who has oily skin and is an independent distributor, also known as an UnFranchise Owner, for Market America | SHOP.COM.

Eudora has large pores and says she has suffered from acne since her days as a pre-teen. “During those times, I didn’t understand the importance of a skincare routine, so I didn’t have one. If I tried any products, I was never consistent in what I used.”

For Eudora’s 28-Day Skincare Challenge, she wanted to focus on minimizing the size of her pores and help improve her oily skin without going too far to make her skin dry. Based on her personal skincare analysis and her goals, Eudora’s skincare regimen included just a few products, including a three-step acne-fighting system and two unique facial serums. Click here for a full review of Eudora’s customized skincare routine.

Eudora’s Results
• Acne has improved
• Smoother texture to her skin
• Skin has a glow without a shine coming from oily skin

Eudora’s Must-Have Skincare Products
• Lumière de Vie® Fading Fluid
• Lumière de Vie® Needle Free Serum

Eudora’s Takeaway

“I would highly recommend a 3-step skincare system. Also, oily skin still needs to be hydrated, toned and moisturized. I hadn’t used toner before on my skin because I didn’t realize how important it was. Now, I see toner as a must.”

Start Your Own 28-Day Skincare Challenge!

You can start your own 28-day skincare challenge by visiting your favorite beauty and skincare brands’ websites anytime. Be sure to look for companies that give you access to a skincare professional or specialist, like Motives does. This way, you can take a free online skincare analysis that provides an automated email response, allowing you to request a live, one-on-one custom skincare analysis – done virtually between you and a skincare professional – at no cost to you! Taking care of your skin never got easier.


Founded in 2008 under parent company, Market America, Motives by Loren Ridinger is a luxury cosmetics brand created so every person, on any budget, can enjoy high-quality, custom-formulated cosmetics that enhance true beauty and help nourish the skin. This customized approach combines a selection of revolutionary foundations, powders and concealers to create the perfect canvas for the application of color to the eyes, cheeks and lips. Motives offers a variety of colors and products from Custom Blend Foundations to Luminous Translucent Powders to Moisture Rich Lipsticks, allowing anyone to easily create the look they want for any and every occasion or mood. Motives is about feeling empowered, beautiful and achieving goals, all at an affordable price. For more information about Motives, visit:


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