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Market America Spotlight: The Next Evolution Of Retailing By Paul Dumas

The history of retailing has undergone many changes as technology advances over the years. At first, brick and mortar was the predominant means of retailing. Next, mail orders started to shift the focus away from brick and mortar. Now, in the digital age, online retailing is surpassing brick and mortar and mail orders at an alarming rate.

Now, retailing is evolving again before our very eyes. In general, consumers do not want to search for products. They want to discover them through their experiences. For example, if you are on someone’s Instagram page and they are wearing sunglasses that interest you, consumers want to be shown how to purchase those sunglasses. This type of consumer marketing matches people to products and products to people with the push of the button.

Does that concept sound familiar?

That’s because it is the Uberization of the Shopping Annuity.

Paul Dumas, a Senior Director with the software engineering team at Market America|SHOP.COM, went into detail about the new revolution in retailing that reflects that Uberization of the Shopping Annuity. Paul found a UFO named RaNae Envy about how she targets a specific audience and provides links to specific products for immediate purchases. Here is an excerpt from Paul’s article on Retail Operations Insights.

“As technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, the next major revolution in retailing is already taking place. The new paradigm at hand has consumers moving away from “shopping” as a separate event and trending towards a more integrated lifestyle-meets-shopping experience. Simply put, today’s consumer wants to discover products and services as they move through life. If the consumer is reading a blog about someone’s experience with travel, weight-loss, wellness, exercise, food, clothing or anything else, that consumer expects an immediate and convenient path to directly purchase those products or services.

The Next Evolution Of Retailing Image 1A good example of putting this into practice is RaNae Envy, who lives in Cleveland and has been an independent distributor with Market America for about 9 years. Knowing that growing her e-commerce business means having an effective presence online, Envy has developed a landing page with information pertaining to one target audience and offering specific products available for immediate purchase. Her landing page focuses on expectant mothers and their health. Envy says she got this idea from the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Market America|SHOP.COM, JR Ridinger.

“JR has talked about how in the future, people won’t search for products. The product they are searching for will find them. So, I was looking for a tool that would answer JR’s own words. I reached out to Market America|SHOP.COM developers, explained what I wanted and they developed a great tool that just went live this month,” Envy said.”

To read the rest of Paul’s article, click here.

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