Market America Wants To Remind Mothers & Daughters That Bonding Over Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

With the birth of every new gadget or network, the chances for mothers to “network” or really bond with their own daughters can be challenging at best. Then, depending on their age and the topic you have in mind…well, let’s just say that, like any relationship, life between mothers and daughters can be all sugar and spice or…well, you know the alternative. So, as we head into the holiday season, Market America | SHOP.COM is here to help mothers and daughters find some time together to bond over something significant and fun – skincare and beauty. As the largest organ of your body, taking care of your skin is essential all life long, while the fun and creativity beauty products can offer can also be a great way to feel good about yourself and boost your confidence at the same time!

When it comes to skincare, some of the things that mothers and daughters already share are often hereditary traits and skin issues. Your primary healthcare physician or a dermatologist can always help answer any specific questions you may have about taking care of your skin. When it comes to some special skincare pampering, there are plenty of products and skincare routines to choose from. In fact, there are many free online resources, such as skincare questionnaires, that can help you decide what you may want to try, based on your particular skincare goals. With a variety of skincare regimens available, including those that focus on hydrating and brighteningfine lines and wrinkles and smooth, even and acne-free skin, be sure to review each product page and the list of ingredients in each product before you purchase.

As far as beauty goes, bonding over cosmetics gives both mothers and daughters the time and opportunity to tell your daughter just how beautiful she is, with or without makeup. And, quite frankly, moms deserve to know that they are just as beautiful inside and out no matter how many years go by. Some simple steps for an at-home mother and daughter makeover include:

1. Checking out some makeup tutorials on InstagramFacebook and to re-create the look
2. Setting up an area with all of the beauty and skincare products that the two of you want to try
3. Making sure you both have something to drink and don’t forget a holiday snack tray
4. Having makeup remover towelettes to wipe off as you need to without being too rough on your skin
5. Capturing “Before & After” photos (be sure to take “After” photos/videos of the two of you together!)
6. Taking time to shower your mom or your daughter with lots of compliments and praise
7. Having fun and making memories

Spending time bonding over skincare and beauty may not only be a way to really connect as mothers and daughters, it may even be something to consider doing on a regular basis. Whether at a spa, with a professional makeup artist or a fun time at home, consider having a mother and daughter skincare and beauty day once or twice a year. The two of you can even plan ahead by checking online to see what the latest skincare and makeup trends are and purchasing the items ahead of time that you two want to try. Just remember, it really is the time you spend together that’s priceless, which is really the most beautiful outcome of all.

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