Market America Worldwide Joins BBB National Programs as a National Partner


Greensboro, NC, March 14, 2022 – Today, Market America Worldwide, a global e-commerce and digital marketing company and owner of the global and award-winning e-commerce site SHOP.COM, is proud to announce that it has become a National Partner of BBB National Programs. BBB National Programs is where companies, industry experts and trade associations work together within a self-regulatory environment to foster industry best practices in advertising, child-directed marketing, data privacy and dispute resolution.

“Corporations, law firms, and associations who join BBB National Programs as National Partners demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility that enhances consumer trust through the voluntary industry self-regulation process,” said Ryan Keedy, Vice President, Member Strategy & Development, BBB National Programs. “As a National Partner, Market America Worldwide now has the opportunity to play a critical role in helping to guide the evolution of existing industry self-regulation programs, shape independent industry self-regulation of the future, and ultimately create a fairer playing field for business and a better experience for consumers in our dynamic economy.”

BBB National Programs is an independent, non-profit organization that oversees more than a dozen national industry self-regulation programs that set high standards for business advertising and privacy practices. These programs provide third-party accountability and dispute resolution services that create a fairer playing field for businesses and a better consumer experience.

“We are thrilled and honored to be recognized as a National Partner of BBB National Programs. A 30-year-old company based in Greensboro, NC, Market America Worldwide has eight market countries around the world; representing transparency and ethical conduct means doing the right thing every moment of each day in all markets,” said Marc Ashley, President & COO of Market America Worldwide. “Becoming a National Partner of BBB National Programs allows us to have a seat and a voice at the table of several critically important National Partner Committees. At these national levels, our company’s leadership can demonstrate our commitment to setting and maintaining best practices, implementing accountability measures that are transparent and championing frameworks that protect consumers’ best interests.”

Market America Worldwide’s leadership looks forward to joining the following BBB National Partner Committees:

Membership Committee. National Partners gain access to the overall workings of BBB National Programs and the many ways a National Partner can get involved while also engaging other potential and existing National Partners to develop peer groups, among other things.

National Advertising In-House Counsel Committee. Leading advertisers, agencies and the public sector collaborate with this committee to help promote the voluntary compliance of industry self-regulation in national and children’s advertising. They help create and update the programs and processes that advance truth and accuracy in national advertising.

Global Privacy Committee. One of the fastest-growing committees, the Privacy Committee brings together National Partners and data privacy professionals from leading companies and law firms. Together, they help businesses strengthen standards for data privacy, enhance consumer trust in international data flows and identify privacy issues as a whole, as well as other accountability mechanisms that could or should be in place.

Consumer Sales Committee. Working directly with BBB National Programs Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) leaders in providing guidance and feedback on inputs and processes, this committee looks at issues impacting today’s market. Some of the issues this committee has reviewed over the past year include earning claims guidance, income disclosure statements and warning letters sent out by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Consumer Dispute Resolution Committee. Primarily focused on dispute resolution programs in the automotive and telecom industries, this committee is also open to consumer dispute resolution. The dispute issues range from new acts in state-level attorneys general offices to issues with arbitration overall. This committee provides insight and useful tips to enhance the value of mediation before arbitration is even considered.


About Market America:

Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM is an award-winning global e-commerce and digital marketing company that specializes in one-to-one marketing and is the creator of the Shopping Annuity®. Its mission is to provide a robust business system for entrepreneurs while providing consumers with a better way to shop. Headquartered in Greensboro, N.C., and with offices across the globe, Market America Worldwide was founded in 1992 by Founder, Chairman & CEO of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM JR Ridinger. Through the company’s primary, award-winning shopping website, SHOP.COM, consumers have access to millions of products, including Market America Worldwide exclusive brands and thousands of top retail brands. SHOP.COM ranks 19th in Newsweek magazine’s 2021 Best Online Shops, No. 55 in DC 360’s 2021 Top 100 Online Marketplaces, No. 79 in DC 360’s 2021 Top 1,000 Online Retailers and No. 11 in the 2021 DC 360 Primary Merchandise Category Top 500. The company is also a two-time winner of the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics, is recognized as a National Partner with BBB National Programs and was ranked No. 15 in The Business North Carolina Top 125 Private Companies for 2021. By combining Market America Worldwide’s entrepreneurial business model with SHOP.COM’s powerful comparative shopping engine, Cashback program, Hot Deals, ShopBuddy®, Express Pay checkout, social shopping integration and countless other features, the company has become the ultimate online shopping destination.

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