Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Leadership School Recap — Day 2

Time Management and Goal Setting

Marc Ashley, President & COO of Market America Worldwide, started the day with a recap of yesterday’s unbelievable announcements, reminding the enthusiastic crowd that while these enhancements are exciting, it’s important to be ready to put in the work with them. “In order to implement all of these things,” he said, “you have to manage your time as effectively as you can. If you manage your time effectively, things go five-fold.” Marc went on to share his key points for managing one’s time well enough to maximize daily accomplishments. “There’s nothing worse than going to bed and feeling like you accomplished nothing,” he said. “It’s important that every day you start fresh and finish strong. There’s no substitute for hard work.”

Marc then talked about the most important aspects of good time management, including knowing your why, starting each day with a plan, having a daily routine, and having the mindset that you “get” to do your tasks rather than “have” to. He gave real examples of actual UnFranchise® Owner (UFO) goal statements and what fast-growing UFOs are doing, then added what any UFO’s daily, weekly and monthly tasks should be to ensure success.

Marc’s Day 2 presentation concluded with tips on staying on task. People who commit to holding themselves accountable, setting high standards for themselves and not procrastinating are setting themselves up for success. “Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow,” Marc emphasized. “The person you should hold accountable the most is yourself.”

How to Invite, Recruit and Build the Business

Next up was Cullen Haskins, Director of GMTSS, who followed up Marc’s message of time management by explaining how to use that time to focus on one of the cornerstones of a successful business: recruiting. Using events like Loren’s Blueprint for Success Tour inspires genuine engagement, he explained, but getting the right people to join you means building the right way. The value of creating a name list, developing a top 10 and consistently engaging with your contacts, new and old, was discussed.

Cullen then introduced a panel of recruiting all-stars to discuss their experiences building their businesses. UFOs Brett Portelli, Ani Vidal, Don Martin, Bonnie Hunter and Jim Winkler sat down with him to share the wins and lessons they’ve used to develop their own systems for generating excitement and buy-in from prospects. They shared tips on reaching out to new contacts, following up after presentations and utilizing the power of teamwork within the company. The panel’s conversation offered a candid, insider’s view of the everyday actions needed to build a successful business, inspiring attendees with actionable steps they can incorporate into their own lives. Cullen asked the panel to explain how they do a genuine approach.

Brett said UFOs should keep things simple when first reaching out to prospects. Don’t apply pressure; always give options for things like when and where to meet. Ani said she makes sure prospects have a way to go wherever she’s meeting with them; for example, she’ll offer to pick them up for a Home Business Presentation or UnFranchise® Business Presentation. Overall, she recommends “the art of asking questions. The first thing is you have to learn about the person. Shut your piehole and listen! Everybody has needs and wants. You’re not trying to ‘get them into’ anything; you’re being genuine.”

Creating a sense of urgency and rapport is key to Don’s approach. Building rapport, he said, means “earning the right for them to listen to you by listening to them.” He added that it is past time to have all meetings in person. “They need to feel you, not just hear you.”

Momentum and moving fast drive Jim’s approach to his own business and to what he imparts to prospects. “It’s easier to move fast than to move slow,” he said.

“Don’t overcomplicate it. You want more money? You want great products? You want to learn? That’s it,” Jim said.

Asked about top tools, Bonnie said she likes the UnFranchise Marketing App “because I like to see what they’re opening up in there,” referring to how the app lets UFOs see what prospects are interacting with. Brett said event tickets and the company’s exclusive products are also great business-building tools.

Cullen then posed a series of questions and objections that prospects might have. What if somebody says they don’t have the time to do the business? “Ok, fine, you don’t have any time — but you know somebody who does,” is one thing Don will answer. “I’ll work with them directly, and you’ll reap the benefits by being the connector.”

Closing Cullen’s conference session, Danielle Shapley took the stage to describe how Loren’s Blueprint for Success Tour “really blew up our business.” Danielle and her cousin, Amy, who’s her business partner, took nine people in two vehicles to the Los Angeles tour stop — a seven-hour drive from their home in Utah — of which six were guests. The result? Six new team members.

But Danielle and Amy didn’t stop there. For their next tour stop, in Phoenix, they took 13 people in a van — a logistical struggle Amy had to overcome because, at 20, she’s too young to rent a vehicle. “If you’re looking for the right people, they’re out there,” Danielle said. “Shout out to Loren! We really took advantage of this tour.”

And Loren felt the love. She came out to hug Danielle on stage.

“She is a champ!” Loren said. “She is becoming an incredible leader.”

Danielle and Cullen urged UFOs to get as many people as possible to the nearest Blueprint Tour dates as Loren swings into her third leg next month.

Next, in a poignant remote segment shown on the venue screens, SHOP.COM President & COO Steve Ashley explained how a recently diagnosed health condition had kept him from attending MALS2024.

“I made the decision to get healthy, and I can promise you, at 2024 ICON I will be on stage and bringing it like never before,” Steve said. “Family, I love you so much, and I wish I was there with you.”

Social Media Recruiting

Jason Pelland, Director of Business Integration, took to the stage after Steve’s heartfelt and encouraging message to the crowd. With infectious enthusiasm, Jason shared tips and methods for effectively utilizing technology and social media to grow your UnFranchise® Business. He emphasized the importance of making connections, building relationships, connecting with the intent to engage instead of just to approach, creating consistent, positive content and sharing your story — your unique life experiences — with the world.

He also revealed that an AI tool for crafting social media posts and the opportunity to grow your business globally would be coming soon to the UnFranchise Marketing App. And if you needed any more motivation, Alexsandra Cummings and Richard and Stephanie Ng came up on the stage and shared their personal experiences with social media and how the UnFranchise Marketing App has had an amazing impact on their businesses.

The Power of 3

“Let’s talk some stories,” said Senior Executive Field Vice President Amber Yang, who spoke about the power of getting three tickets to the company’s major events.

Amber was a new UnFranchise Owner attending a boot camp in Las Vegas and uncertain of whether to attend the upcoming 2011 International Convention. Her sponsor said she had just bought 10 tickets, at that time a $1,750.00 tab. The sponsor said she didn’t yet know what she was going to do with them.

“To me, This was a defining moment. I thought, ‘This woman has guts,’” Amber said. “This is a woman to follow. Ask yourself, are you worthy to follow?” As it turned out, Amber herself used nine of those tickets to take people to MAIC2011 — “and those nine tickets laid the foundation for today’s Team Flushadelphia.”

Today, three major-event tickets cost $750.00. Amber said you can take a vacation with that amount or perhaps pay for a nice dinner with some friends.

“However, none of those is a life-changing activity,” she said. “The moral of the story: Tickets are the best investment. Invest in yourself to the point that someone else wants to invest in you.”

Building Your Brand With Social Media

After lunch, Jessica Rich, a shoe designer featured in Forbes and Vogue with a following of over 680,000 on social media, shared with the audience the importance of social media and how to use it for business growth and exposure. She talked about her experience creating her Instagram account and how nervous she was about getting started. But she knew she had to go with the flow and utilize the platform. From that platform, she was able to start her shoe brand and connect and network with celebrities and other designers, helping her gain even more success. “You never know where you’ll get to using social media. If I hadn’t created my social media platforms and engaged with my audience every day, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am,” Jessica said. She encouraged everyone to stay true to their brand, the Market America community and the values they stand for.

How, Where and When to Show the Simplified Plan

“All we have is time” was Vice President Andrew Weissman’s opening statement for his powerful message on the importance of time investment in the UnFranchise Business. With conviction, Andrew emphasized that time, more so than money, is the key to growth and duplication within the business. Drawing from personal experience, he shared the pivotal moment when he first presented the Plan in front of JR Ridinger, Loren and guests, despite stumbling through the steps. JR’s unwavering support reinforced Andrew’s belief in himself and the importance of authenticity in sharing the Plan.

Andrew also underscored the significance of “why” in driving engagement. “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” Your why will make others think about their circumstances and relate to you. He added that “people who are comfortably miserable are not attracted to the Two- to Three-Year Plan” because the UnFranchise Business system is “for people who believe what we believe.”

Highlighting common pitfalls in presenting the Plan, Andrew stressed the importance of self-reliance and adherence to the system’s tools and steps. He identified the following common mistakes UFOs make when it comes to showing the Plan:

  • Not trying.
  • Depending on UnFranchise Business Presentations and other people to do it.
  • Believing they must be at a high UnFranchise Level.
  • Not using the tools.
  • Not following the steps and creating their own version.
  • Showing the Plan to unqualified prospects.
  • Pressuring a prospect to make a decision.

Drawing from JR’s success in building relationships, Andrew emphasized the need to cultivate connections rather than strive for perfection. He outlined the progressive nature of the Plan’s understanding, accentuating the value of multiple exposures for prospects.

“One hundred percent of the people JR showed the Plan to entered the business. They were already in it mentally because he focused on relationship building and cultivated them,” Andrew explained. “A person needs to see the Plan at least three times. The first time, they’ll have a lot of questions. The second time, they’ll get answers to those questions and understand it more. The third time is when the fireworks go off.”

In closing, Andrew held up a white card shaped like a gravestone, bearing the inscription “RIP I CAN’T.” With this visual reminder, he reinforced the transformative power of mindset, echoing Henry Ford’s timeless adage: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”



Earning Retail Profit and BV*

Executive Vice President Kevin Buckman delivered a compelling presentation on how to earn retail profit and BV on various Market America consumable products and how UnFranchise Owners (UFOs) can capitalize on repeat sales, build share of customer and duplicate the same within their organizations.

In one example, Kevin showed how UFOs can sell the popular Core 3 Health system and become “wellness warriors” to achieve their monthly financial goals. By using all the tools and technology that Market America offers, including social media channels, the UnFranchise Marketing App, SHOP LIVE and many more online and One-to-One Marketing resources, UFOs can drive more sales to their organizations and strategically build their businesses like never before.

He introduced Master Coordinator Ani Vidal and Supervising Coordinator Aleksandra Cummings to share their strategies on how they retail products, acquire customers and retain them for repeat business. National Supervising Coordinator Sheryl Duchess, a certified naturopathic doctor, also shared her retailing story of how she postures herself when approaching others about Market America’s products and the UnFranchise Business.

The Best of JR Ridinger


Andrew Weissman rounded out Day 2 with another series of JR’s magic moments on video. The first video, “Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody,” highlights the importance of personal responsibility in selling seminar tickets and being an active sponsor within the UnFranchise Business. Being proactive and prepared are essential to accomplishing your goals. Using a clever anecdote, JR emphasizes that success in sponsoring requires active participation from everyone, not just relying on others. This message is vital for understanding the collective effort needed for business growth and success in the UnFranchise model.

In “The Ashamed Approach,” JR addresses a common mindset issue in the UnFranchise Business. He humorously illustrates how self-doubt and a lack of confidence can undermine one’s efforts in sharing the business with others. JR emphasizes the importance of shedding this timid mindset and embracing a confident, assertive approach. This message is about overcoming internal barriers and programming for growth and duplication in the business.

“The Bean Jar” video applies to any entrepreneurial business and demonstrates the process of Prospecting and Recruiting, a crucial aspect of the Basic 5 principles in the UnFranchise Business. By filling the jar with possibilities (beans and walnuts) and shaking it up, JR illustrates the importance of casting a wide net to find the right prospects, emphasizing the need to screen individuals and allow them to decide for themselves. Andrew notes that having too few beans can result in UFOs being overly aggressive due to not having enough possibilities. But if the jar is full and consistently shaken, the best prospects (the nuts) rise to the top and become partners.

JR always said, “Think big because you’ll never be bigger than your thoughts. Dream big because you’ll never be bigger than your dreams.” The “Staircase” video echoes his profound wisdom by stressing the need to break down grand aspirations into actionable steps. Andrew further emphasizes the importance of daily progress, stating, “Life by the yard is hard, but by the inch is a cinch.” This metaphor underscores the significance of consistent effort and incremental advancement in achieving success. Just as a staircase is built one step at a time, individuals in the UnFranchise Business must focus on daily actions that lead to long-term accomplishments.

With “The Hamster Wheel,” JR challenges the conventional notion of the 45-Year Plan. Despite the opportunity presented by the UnFranchise Business to achieve financial flexibility in a fraction of the time with the Two- to Three-Year Plan, some individuals fall into the trap of complacency, resisting change and failing to engage in result-producing activities. JR’s message resonates with a call to action, encouraging UnFranchise Owners to embrace the transformative potential of the business and avoid the pitfalls of stagnation. By committing to meaningful action, individuals can liberate themselves from the hamster wheel of mediocrity and embark on a path to lasting success and fulfillment.

Andrew concludes with the “Priming the Pumps” video, emphasizing how the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP) is based on what a person can actually and realistically do. JR’s analogy of water pumps vividly illustrates the advantage of the binomial Plan, which relies on two legs of operation instead of the multilevel marketing structure of six to 20 legs competing with each other. By priming the pump with initial efforts, the power of leverage is optimized, and UnFranchise Owners can unlock the potential for exponential growth and success within the MPCP framework.

*Earnings depicted are for the top 1% of UnFranchise Owners, who are typically Director or above. The time it takes to reach the Director level typically ranges between three and nine years and requires consistent work and dedication. For more information, see the Income Disclosure Statement at

Programs, products and services featured during #MALS2024 and mentioned in this UnFranchise News may not be immediately available in all markets. Please stay tuned to UnFranchise News for future updates.


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