Market America’s Maria Travers Appointed Chair of North Carolina’s Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs

I know we typically like to highlight the tremendous success stories of our UnFranchise Owners from around the world – but today I’d like to focus on a very special employee at the Market America corporate office in Greensboro, NC. Maria Travers is an important member of our legal department who helps facilitate solutions and resolve issues with our international division – but this humble, diligent teammate was just honored by the state of North Carolina in such an extraordinary fashion I felt compelled to share this with everyone so we can celebrate this achievement together as a company!

In recognition of all the amazing contributions the Hispanic/Latino community have made to the state of North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper has proclaimed September 15 – October 15th as Hispanic Heritage Month. While this is great news and a wonderful celebration of North Carolina’s diverse culture – what makes this proclamation extra special for us is the fact that Market America’s very own Maria Travers was just appointed by Governor Cooper to serve at the Chair of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs!

I’ve included below a quick message from Maria which helps explain how she became involved in this amazing council:

“After working with the Hispanic/Latino community in Sampson County, NC, I realized that I could serve as the voice of the Hispanic/Latino community and dedicate my time to create a greater impact as a liaison between the Hispanic/Latino community and the North Carolina government. It is an honor to be able to serve Governor Roy Cooper as a member of the first Advisory Committee on Hispanic/Latino Affairs.”

-Maria Travers

This is such a tremendous honor for Maria and on behalf of the entire Market America | SHOP.COM corporate team I would like to congratulate you for this remarkable accomplishment. As a company we have always been dedicated to making a positive impact on the world, but to see our employees taking it a step further and becoming directly involved our state government and their community outreach efforts just makes it even more special.

I’ve included below some pictures of Governor Roy Cooper, Maria Travers, and her fellow Council Members celebrating the launch of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs earlier this week. Congratulations to Maria for this incredible honor, and for your humble service to not only our UnFranchise Family but to the state of North Carolina and our Hispanic/Latino community!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


Market America’s very own Maria Travers, celebrating her new appointment as the Chair of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs!




Maria’s oath ceremony.


North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and the Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs.

JR Ridinger, CEO

JR Ridinger, CEO


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