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Market Australia Business Presentation

We invite you to rally your guests to take advantage of a special live UnFranchise Business Presentation with Market Australia’s VP of Sales and Training, Andrew Webb.  Andy has built and developed a very successful UnFranchise Business over the past 26 years and he is moving to Australia to help thousands of Australians duplicate that success and thrive with the UnFranchise Business System.

The UBP is the perfect way to expose your prospects to the company’s exclusive products, technologies, and business model. Effectively, using the evaluation approach to determine if they qualify for the business and can lead to the right people.

Attendees can also gain invaluable:

  • Knowledge
  • Insights
  • Guidance
  • And helpful tips that you can apply in your entrepreneurial journey and share with others as you show the Plan and continue to grow your UnFranchise Business.

This is an incredible opportunity so don’t miss Andy’s first live in-person UnFranchise Business Presentation in Australia.

Hurry Limited Seats Available so register your attendance via > Resources > GMTSS

Date: June 20th 2022

Time: 7:30 – 9:00 pm AEST

Venue: 97 Burwood road, Burwood NSW (Club Burwood)

Registration: Please arrive at 7.00 pm for registration.

Price:  $7 per person is payable at the function room when arrive.
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Jacqueline Ballard

Jacqueline Ballard

Marketing Manager for Market Australia

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