Market Australia Product Symposium

Our business building events like Local Seminars and Annual Conventions all combine to serve as a major boost for your business – but Product Symposiums offer a whole new level of training with in-depth product education on Market Australia’s exclusive brands.

Market Australia has been asking for a Product Symposium for years, and we have the opportunity to have one — but you have to commit in advance. On 14 and 15  May, the Thursday and Friday before our Market Australia National Convention, 12 hours of in-depth product training led by Market America’s Head of Clinical Research, Dr Deedra Mason, can become a reality if we can sell 200 tickets at AUD$125.00 each between 1–15 March. If we reach this goal, Team Australia, we can have an amazing opportunity to learn how and why our products deliver the promised benefits each and every time! This training will provide you the knowledge and confidence to grow your retail customer base, as well as attract new UnFranchise® Business partners. Don’t hesitate; act today and order your Product Symposium tickets now!

I recently attended a Product Symposium for the first time in a number of years, and was astonished at just how good the training was. I’ve been an UnFranchise Owner for 26 years, and thought I had a pretty good handle on our exclusive products. I wasn’t even halfway through the brief Friday evening portion of the Product Symposium before Dr. Deedra Mason spun my head with some of the most valuable product training I have had in all my years with the company. She carefully worked her way through all of the unique patented ingredients in our health & nutrition, anti-aging, weight loss, and personal care products.

There are so many facets to the argument that Market America has the best products in the world-wide marketplace. One piece of that exchange lies with the fact that we don’t just follow the science, we take it much further than that in first identifying ALL of the key ingredients and cofactors necessary to design a top of the line health products, and then seeking out the world’s best supplier of those natural ingredients. It was a fascinating and enlightening presentation, and one that would ‘arm’ any UnFranchise Owner with all the knowledge they need to prompt any potential customers to a decision to buy one of our brands.

As I looked around the room at the Product Symposium I quickly recognised that I had woefully too few UnFranchise Owners on my team in attendance. As the weekend progressed, this certainty began to produce a queasy feeling of anguish. How could I have not recognised the importance of attending this event? I found myself continually rattling names through my head of all the UnFranchise partners on my team that I wished were there experiencing the same thing I was.  I vowed to myself to make sure not to repeat that foolish mistake. You can be sure that I will have the date of the next Product Symposium starred out on my calendar for next year, and make every effort to get as many on my team as possible to attend.”

– Phil Guido, Field Vice President (earns $36,000 – $44,999 in a four week pay cycle).

Don’t make the same mistake – register now to secure you presale ticket via UnFranchise. You will only be charged if we meet our ticket goal during the sales period. If we do not meet the ticket goal, you will not be charged and your ticket order will be cancelled. We are optimistic that our UnFranchise Owners will recognise such a valued event and prelude to the best National Convention ever.

Invest in yourself and attend both Product Symposium and the National Convention this coming May!

Click here to make your commitment to the presale

Hurry – we only have until the 15th of May to secure this event and book Dr Deedra Mason!

Jacqueline Ballard

Jacqueline Ballard

Marketing Manager for Market Australia

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