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Market Taiwan’s 2018 Annual Convention: Photos And Recap

People power was on full display in Taiwan!

This past weekend, thousands of UnFranchise Owners packed the Nangang Exhibition Center for Market Taiwan’s 2018 Annual Convention (MTWAC2018). The event was full of UnFranchise /Shopping Annuity tips and training segments from top corporate executives such as Marc Ashley, Jim winkler, Michael Brady, and Maria Checa.

One of the most inspiring things to witness at an annual convention is the presence of teamwork. Market America | SHOP.COM always preaches “one team, one dream” and “teamwork makes the dreamwork.” Those phrases hold true at the conventions because UFOs from all over work together and support each other on our quests to fulfill our dreams.

Check out the teamwork on full display below!

樂筱玉 (Stephanie)


Joseph Wu

Whatever GMTSS event you attend, whether it be an annual convention of a UBP, make it a personal mission to learn something new every time. That is how you grow as an UnFranchise Owner. Take what you already know, combine it with your new techniques, and take your UnFranchise Business to the next level!

Nothing is stronger than people power! The proof is in the pictures!

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