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Market UK: Building The UnFranchise With Lenny Allene, Big Al, & Debbie Yentsch

Building momentum after MAIC is of the utmost importance. You are wasting your time if you attend the events and not takeaway any tips or lessons to apply to your UnFranchise® Business. We always say that Market America is about learning and grow as an entrepreneur. One region that’s building momentum post-MAIC is Market United Kingdom.

Market UK is eager and excited to grow as a market region. The UFOs are committed to spreading the wonders of the Shopping Annuity® and UnFranchise Business. The momentum being built in the UK is gaining speed. New pin levels are being reach. In fact, Lenny Allene recently became the first Senior Master Coordinator in the UK. We have faith that Lenny won’t be the only one at that pin level in the near future and he might be joined by his fellow UFOs!

Speaking of UFOs, Big Al Yentsch and Debbie Yentsch joined Lenny and other UnFranchise Owners for a week of educating and networking in the UK. This is people power at its core. Experts like Lenny, Big Al, and Debbie know that in order for the business to work, you need a strong team and that’s exactly what is being built in the UK.

Below are photos from the UK events.


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