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Market UK: Building The UnFranchise And Shopping Annuity

The momentum is heating up in the United Kingdom!

The UnFranchise Business and Shopping Annuity are rapidly growing in Market United Kingdom. The excitement is off-the-charts as more UnFranchise Owners are popping up in the UK. To experience the growth for themselves, Chairman and CEO JR Ridinger and Vice President Andrew Weissman are on an UnFranchise Tour throughout the UK.

So far, the tour is off to a great success, having attended multiple UnFranchise Business Presentations (UBPs) and Home Business Presentations (HBPs) throughout the London area. UK leaders such as Lenny Allene and Michael Baptist have been instrumental in promoting the events as well as getting members of their team to host the UnFranchise presentations.

Our team has been following along on social media and see that the Shopping Annuity is growing in popularity! The lucky UFOs who have spoken to JR and Andrew have gained a better understanding of Market America’s mission to change the way people shop and convert spending into earning.

In regards to one of the meetings, JR posted this message on his Facebook.

JR Ridinger – “Another great meeting tonight in Surrey London at Vivien’s house. Full house of new people amazed with the Shopping Annuity and getting started. Len Allene and Michael Baptiste teamed with Andrew Weissman to show the UnFranchise system. Love building with the team and new people in the streets and homes.”  

If you are a UFO, make sure to take advantage of GMTSS events like UBPs and HBPs in order to learn about the Shopping Annuity and grow your business. Check out some of the photos and videos from JR and Andrew’s UK UnFranchise tour.


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