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Market United Kingdom 2018 Regional Convention: Photos And Recap

This past weekend, Market United Kingdom brought the house down for their inaugural Regional Convention! UnFranchise Owners from all over traveled to Hertfordshire, England to learn and celebrate the power of the Shopping Annuity.

Because of the significance of the event, the speaker list was superb. Jim Winkler, Andrew Weissman, Don Martin, Lenny Allene, and Bonnie Philo were just a few of the speakers in attendance. The event also marked a historical moment in the history of Market United Kingdom. Lenny Allene became the first Senior Master Coordinator in the UK’s history. Congratulations to Lenny on the tremendous accomplishment!

UFOs are raving on social media about #MUKRC2018. Here are some testimonials we pulled from social media that describe the monumental event.

Adriana Nagy – Market United Kingdom FIRST Regional Convention! 😍 Amazing weekend with these amazing like minded people who want to make their dreams come true! Life is too short to be working for someone else’s dream! Every successful person was once an unknown person that refused to give up on their dream! I’m not giving up on mine either! I Love You All!!!! Thank you 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

Don Martin – It’s been the most incredible trip ever this past week in the UK with some of my favorite people in the world capped off with a radically successful first annual Market UK convention. I couldn’t be more impressed and proud of the visionaries who are rising to the top in the UK with us! The #shoppingannuity movement continues to sweep around the world and change so many lives in the process. To my UK partners, Your dedication and commitment inspires me everyday and will change so many lives in the process of changing your own. Until next time… Love y’all!! #mukrising #mukrc2018

Amanda Tillett – As I reflect on the weekend, I’m still buzzing 😄 listening to so many inspiring men & women, recognizing hard work & efforts made, I WILL be up there next year. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by THE BEST. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come & I look forward to the future. You’re either with me or your left behind 💕 #mukrc2018

It’s safe to say that this will not be the last Regional Convention for Market UK. Congratulations to our UnFranchise Owners in the UK. We look forward to hearing about your accomplishments at MAIC2018! Check out photos from MUKRC2018!


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