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New And Improved Is Live

One of the biggest tools that Market America | SHOP.COM has to offer are business building events. Market America events range from small scale opportunities such as UBPs and HBPs to huge occasions such as World Conference and International Convention. Attending these events allow UnFranchise Owners to network and learn form other UFOs in the field. Now, the events schedule is located at the new and improved

On the site, you will find the schedule for upcoming events that should be marked on your calendars. The events are broken down into subcategories: corporate, international, regional, training, and community. As you scroll further down the page, you’ll se upcoming events for the next few weeks. Right now, there are a few master business building workshops and regionals in the near future.

The site will be updated regularly to include upcoming events. This is to ensure that UFOs have an abundance of time to plan ahead for the event. Now, no events will ever sneak up on you!

Speaking of events, have you purchased your tickets to the 2019 International Convention yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Don’t be a chicken or a duck when you could be a goose!

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