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#MASGLS2022: Market Singapore Leadership School Mega UBP

The Market Singapore Team has just begun their 2022 Leadership School with a powerhouse UBP!

Reese Seah, National Supervising Coordinator, and Benson Chen, Professional Coordinator from the US, are here at the Market Singapore 2022 Leadership School for our Mega UBP as they introduce a business concept that may changed the lives of people around the world – the UnFranchise!

Our speakers also presented pin level recognition to the UFOs and guests after the UBP presentation. Field leaders with Market Singapore – Michelle Lieu, Director, Ellen Ho, Master Coordinator, Ng Aiping, Supervising Coordinator, then went on stage to share their inspiring stories and experiences with the audience.

Overall it was an educational & inspirational night and a tremendous way to kick off the Market Singapore 2022 Leadership School!

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Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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