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Master UFO Program

What is the Master UFO Program?

The Master UnFranchise® Owner (UFO) Program is a structured system that identifies and quantifies what successful UnFranchise Owners are doing or have done to increase their likelihood for success. This program allows you to enter into action with belief and confidence based on knowing that UnFranchise Owners before you have accomplished their financial goals. When coupled with the Shopping Annuity® Master Member Program (SAMM), you combine two powerful components to maximize the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP).

Here are 3 things that you can do to work toward the Master UFO Program:

  1. Become a Shopping Annuity Master Member
  2. Recruit and Qualify new team members
  3. Attend local GMTSS meetings and training

As with a traditional franchise, the key to success will be your ability to effectively implement a tested and proven business Plan. This business consists of standardized, coordinated and systematic actions. These actions, completed in a timely manner, can result in the fundamentally sound and consistent growth of your organization. 

When you master the Plan by becoming a Master UFO, statistical evidence shows that you increase your chances for greater success and higher commissions over those who do not participate in the Master UFO Program.

The Master UFO Program was created by tracking the performance of successful UFOs and the actions they took to achieve their status — versus those UnFranchise Owners who just registered their business.

By implementing the entire UnFranchise Business System and meeting the established criteria, these UnFranchise Owners dramatically increase the chances for success. The Master UFO Program encapsulates the Basic 5 fundamentals of the business and includes the result-producing activities that create growth and duplication.

The Master UFO Program provides a set of tasks, activities and goals for you to achieve within a calendar quarter. To become a Master UnFranchise Owner, simply satisfy the tasks and activities of a Master UnFranchise Owner.

The company has modified one of the Master UFO criteria, which will result in a positive impact for you and your team. The new criteria will take effect April 1 for Q2 2019.

Rather than generate US$1,500.00 worth of Partner Store purchases by you and your Preferred Customers in a respective calendar quarter, the criteria will be to generate 300 IBV by you and your Preferred Customers from Partner Store, OneCart, SHOP Local, Super IBV, Shopping Annuity Brand products and any transaction that creates IBV in your Home Country.

With more UFOs achieving Master UFO status, and requalifying quarterly, BV, IBV, commissions and excitement rise and new UnFranchise Levels will be achieved easier and faster. If you work the system, the system will work for you. Become a Master UFO and you will be guided to your goal.

Online submission is available for the Master UFO Program

UnFranchise Owners have the ability to submit their Master UFO Program criteria through an online form on

In the Management Reports area of, you will find a report called “Master UFO Program.” This report is set up to automatically populate information for you that tracks the quarterly criteria to achieve Master UFO status: listing orders that counted, your personally sponsored UnFranchise Owners, and completing the Shopping Annuity Assessment.

After completing the online form with some additional information (such as what trainings you have conducted and/or attended and tickets you have purchased for events) you can submit the online form to be processed. The Master UFO Program online submission eliminates having to manually track your orders and send in paperwork for processing via mail, email or fax.

When you earn Master UFO status consistently, you are eligible to receive additional recognition, such as being featured in UnFranchise News, recognition in UnFranchise Owner Magazine and receiving the Master UFO lapel pin.

Market America encourages every UnFranchise Owner to strive to satisfy the Master UFO criteria quarterly and to duplicate Master UFOs in their organization.   To access the online Master UFO Program report, go to > My Organization > Reports > Management and click on “Master UFO Program.”

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Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media