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MAWC2017: A Family Affair

With February rapidly approaching, it’s time to start the countdown to the 2017 Market America World Conference, or MAWC2017, in sunny Miami, Florida.

If you have never been to a Market America World or International Conference before, then you are missing out on a wonderful marketing and networking opportunity with other UFOs all over the world. The knowledge and tips that are shared from world renowned entrepreneurs such as JR and Loren Ridinger are truly priceless. At our world conferences, the comradery and teamwork between our UFOs is off the charts and brings a smile to our face. At Market America, we are ALL on the same team. If one person on our team succeeds, we all succeed and more importantly, we all make money!

In fact, the conferences are the perfect place for family bonding. Families are learning about The Shopping Annuity everyday  in order to work together as one to turn their spendings into earnings. If children start to learn about this profound concept at a young age, their chances for success will increase and by the time they are their parents age, they will be teaching their kids. It’s the circle of life or in this case, the Circle of The Shopping Annuity.

One mother that has been dedicated to turning her expenses into earnings is Shannon Goodberry. At last summer’s MAIC2016, Shannon decided to attend the conference with her husband, Andy, and son, Aiden. Shannon used the conference as a way to inform her son about the wonderful concepts and plans that the Shopping Annuity provides and how they have changed her life today. Take a look at her post from Facebook.

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