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MAWC2018: The Shopping Annuity Breakout Session

The Shopping Annuity is on pace for a record-setting 2018!

During MAWC2018, the Shopping Annuity was on full display at its breakout session. Hosted by the Shopping Annuity team, the breakout session discussed many of the topics from the main stage presentations, but on a more in-depth level. The concepts of one-to-one marketing, the new Assessment, and the Shopping Annuity Master Membership (SAMM) were all broken down substantially.

Leading the breakout were five intelligent and noteworthy UFOs: Chris Peddycord, Sarah Rose Stack, Carl Eklund, Trina White, and Lenny Allene.

Vice President of Business Integration Chris Peddycord stated that the new Shopping Annuity Assessment is live. The Assessment is meant to create belief because a UFO has to believe that they can save money by converting spending into earning. All of the new enhancements are live, which specialize in personalization in order to make the Shopping Annuity easier and more convenient.

Chris identified new additions to the Assessment that are coming soon such as a new tracking system to project your savings. A new quick view is also on the way, which will highlight product testimonials and allow for UFOs to use Express Pay. Personal recommendations from UFOs will make it easier to find products that you want. The homepage of is currently being redesigned to become more user-friendly and inviting.

From there, Sarah Rose Stack, Carl Eklund, Trina White, and Lenny Allene all shared their personal expertise and tips for converting spending into earning. All preached that achieving 500 BV per month is more than attainable and that if UFOs take the time to do the Assessment, they can become a SAMM.

To watch the Shopping Annuity Breakout, click here for the MeetON Stream.

Here are videos from each presenter.

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