MAWC2019: Shopping Annuity Update And Enhancements

At MAWC2019, one of the major points of emphasis was the Shopping Annuity®. 2018 was a monumental year for the Shopping Annuity thanks to the introduction of the Shopping Annuity Brand. Collective buying power and digital aggregation are enhancing the Shopping Annuity for the better.

At MAWC20919, Vice President of Business Integration Chris Peddycord broke down a few of the changes and enhancements to the Shopping Annuity. Here are some bullet points from his speech.

– The four components of the Shopping Annuity: Digital aggregation, product matching, uberization, and concierge. These four parts working together will help the business to blow up and expand.

– Importance of Collective Buying Power: By exercising collective buying power and voting on products to add to the Shopping Annuity Brand, it can raise product margins, which can in turn make UFOs more money.

– Shopping Annuity Assessment: Shorter, less bulky, and easier to find products. The removal of catdgories makes it easier to see the best products for the cheapest price in each field.

– received a “facelift.” Top products and tickets for events are now featured on the homepage so it’s easier to access for UFOs. Search results have been updated by adding the top products towards the top so it’s easier to see. Every product now on UnFranchise will say if the store is eligible for free shipping. Also, the vendor information and return policies are on the product detail pages.

– is working on an online shopping cart that will feature shopping lists so your products will be added with the click of a button.

To watch the entire presentation, click the video below.




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