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Day 1 Afternoon Session Of MAWC2020: Jamie Foxx, Trial Size Marketing, And Inventory Management

Welcome to Day 1 Afternoon Session of MAWC2020! The biggest surprise of the day was a performance from Jamie Foxx. Here we go!

Retail & Trial Size Marketing – Dennis Franks

Executive Vice President Dennis Franks started the afternoon with energy and passion! Dennis shared an inspirational message about how the UnFranchise Business can truly change your life. Dennis said, “Let people know they are better than this if they’re down on their luck. We can show them how to get back up.”

This is a retail-riven business. It’s all about choosing the right Market America products to retail. UFOs need to do these things: Use and sell products, create a base of 10-15 repeat customers, and generate and average of 500 BV a month. Out of the 500 BV, a UFO’s monthly goal of 100 BV for personal use and 400 BV to a base of 10-15 preferred customers. Dennis stressed that every UFO should be using the Home Shopping List when doing an evaluation.

When it comes to master retailing follow these steps: approach, probing questions, present the solutions, validate the solutions, and negotiate the transaction and ask for the sale. One of the best ways to start out in retailing is through trial size marketing. Trial size marketing happens when UFOs share a few products with new customers in order to give them a taste of the products. It’s like test driving a new car at a dealership. Trial size marketing can find new customers, create more sales and retail profit, and generate more BV.

Dorothy Enriquez, Angel Shannon, Steven Tsai, and Preetma Brafaschill shared how trial size marketing aided their retailing efforts with new customers. Each UFO mentioned that having customers sample the products first before buying them made a huge difference in their master retailing efforts.

Dennis said, “Don’t make it complicated. There’s a script for a reason.” Try this approach. Let 10 people per month try 3 packets of Isotonix Daily Essentials FOR FREE! “I’m helping with a survey. I can offer you free daily packets if you try this for me and give me feedback.” Keep up on your customers. Send them a text to make sure they use the product. If they don’t respond, give them a call the next day and send them the informational video again. They try the product and don’t want to move forward, then let them go. If they want more, then continue pursuing a business relationship with them.

“I just want you to win. It’s all about you getting the championship of what you do. We are not doing this to go through the motions. We are doing this to win,” Dennis said.

Motives – Maria Checa

MAria Checa

Creative Consultant for Motives Maria Checa told the crowd that she’s “more excited than ever for this campaign.” The newest Motives campaign is called Euphoria. Maria said, “This new palette will bring the very best and balanced versions of yourself.”

Maria stressed that with Motives, it brings out the true beauty in one’s self. Maria said, “No one is playing by the rules anymore. Let’s not limit ourselves and our thinking. There’s no right or wrong. Take the opportunity and create success.”

Jamie Foxx

Senior Executive Vice President Loren Ridinger talked about what’s to come when Oscar & Grammy Winning Superstar Jamie Foxx surprised her onstage. Jamie said, “It’s time to love more, to talk more, to live more.” Jamie electrified the crowd with a performance for the ages. He said he was only going to say a few words, but instead, Jamie performed a whole show! Jamie Foxx invited the entire corporate team onstage to dance the night away! It truly was a performance that will be talked about for years to come.

Profiles of Success

Executive Director Sharon Lawrence discussed how a life changing event changed her outlook on life and the company. At the 2001 World Conference, Sharon received so much education, inspiration, motivation, belief, tools, support, and a roadmap to fulfill her dreams. Sharon said, “The approach matters. Honor people where they are at. Ultimately, this is your life. You can choose to fully live your life!”

Frank Chang

Director Frank Chang related life to the claw machine. You put in time and you keep trying to get more time back but it doesn’t always work. You need to change that. Frank said, “We are in this together.”

Recognizing Your Success – Dennis Franks and Kevin Buckman

Executive Vice President Dennis Franks and Executive Vice President Kevin Buckman kicked off the “Recognition of Success” segment. The following groups were recognized for their successful efforts in Market America: Guests and new UnFranchise Owners, Master UnFranchise Owners, Shopping Annuity Master Members, Coordinators, Executive Coordinators, Master Coordinator, Senior Master Coordinators, Professional Coordinators, Supervising Coordinators, National Supervising Coordinator, Executive Supervising Coordinator, and the Million Dollar Club. Dennis and Kevin also announced the Challenge Winners for each Market America University branch.

Inventory Management Tool – Kevin Buckman

Executive Vice President of Asia-Pacific Kevin Buckman closed the day with a presentation on the inventory management tool. Kevin explained how items from the previous quarters will need to be assigned by the end of the quarter. Kevin said, “You need to become a product of the product.”

At the end of the day, UFOs need to buy tickets to the events. Kevin said, “We use the events as our office. Our money from the tickets are our contribution to paying the lease. It’s the validation of the business.”

For FAQs about the inventory management tool, click here: inventory-management-faqs

MAWC2020 Recaps

Day 1 Morning

What was your favorite part of Day 1? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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