Day 2 Afternoon Session Of MAWC2021: Marc Ashley, JR Ridinger, And The Power Of The Plan

Ready for the afternoon session of MAWC2021 on Day 2? Let’s get to it!

Marc Ashley, Part III

President and COO of Market America Worldwide Marc Ashley kicked off the afternoon session with Part III of his presentation series. Marc hoped to knock everyone out of their seats with this presentation. Marc said, “I’ve never been more happier or pleased than what this company is about to show you. We’re going to talk products and technology. You’re really going to see how your business is going to catapult. This the perfect storm.”

Marc reiterated to buy three tickets to MAIC2021 before the special product promotion ends. Marc then introduced the newest addition to the Shopping Annuity Brand. Introducing the Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner*. To learn more about this product, read this blog post.

Many of Market America’s products come in convenient trial size packets. These are great to present to your customers to try. At MAIC2020, the company debuted Isotonix Daily Essentials Trial Size Sample Packets. So far, UFOs and customers are loving these sample packets. After months of research, the company decided to create the next trial size packet, Prime Sleep Trial Size Sample Packets. This packet includes a week’s worth of capsules.

The trial packets didn’t stop there. Marc introduced another sample packet, Lumiere de Vie Needle-Free Serum Trial Size Sample Packets. Each customer will receive two needle-free samples. Marc teased that more sample packets are on the way.

The sample packets help, but you need a way to reel them in that’s a fool proof marketing system. With the UnFranchise Marketing App, the app will send emails on Day 1, 3, 5, and 7 to the customer who received the sample packets. The app essentially goes to work for you.

UnFranchise Marketing App Features

  • Customer Acquisition Tool – sync any or all contacts with the app. Build hot and cold prospect list.
  • Share Product Information – videos, marketing materials, training guides, etc, via email, text, what’s app, social media.
  • Receive Notifications – receive notifications when customers click or view content
  • Send Single Samples – send single sample packet directly to a customer via the app. Your customer will receive a professional and personalized letter with the packet. You can either send the sample or your customer can purchase it from your site. As long as you have the app, you’ll be abele to send a single sample when ordering on

Marc asked the MAWC2021 crowd if they would like to have their own personalized shopping channel with an exclusive social sharing platform to invite your customers and prospects to watch. Marc introduced the UF Marketing App’s newest feature, SHOP LIVE. In your app, you can personally invite any of your customers to watch your live broadcast via SHOP Live.

You can broadcast your SHOP LIVE globally on the app thanks to a revolutionary feature called “Teams.” Users can personally invite as many UFOs as they’d like to follow their SHOP LIVE broadcast with their own unique Teams Code. SHOP LIVE comes with a chat feature to answer any questions to interact with your viewers. By clicking the “lightning” button, users can sell Market America products during their SHOP Live broadcast. You can select from thousands of MA products in your country to feature in your broadcast. Customers can click and purchase your products during the SHOP LIVE broadcast. After the broadcast, check out the After Show, where you will be provided with analytics to help engage with those who watched. The system will track every purchase on SHOP LIVE, making sure the appropriate people are rewarded with BV.

The UnFranchise Marketing App is currently available in the US and Taiwan, but coming to every market country on June 1st. SHOP LIVE is going live in all countries on July 1, 2021. With your UFO subscription and renewal, the marketing app and SHOP LIVE will be included. Your New UFO Subscription fee and annual renewal will only increase by $20 and you’ll receive the app and SHOP LIVE. No matter what your renewal date is, every UFO will have the app and SHOP LIVE on July 1. From now until July 1, the app is free in the US and Taiwan. Starting May 1st, you’ll get IBV 18 month accrual.

The Power Of The Plan – JR Ridinger

The Founder, Chairman, and CEO, JR Ridinger, walked out for his second presentation of MAWC2021. JR said, “This is a historic day. We’re moving to a new level. We’re leaving the past behind.” JR reiterated that the power of two lines and the tracking system are behind the success of the UnFranchise Business. The bean jar demonstration explains this phenomena.

JR explained how his demonstrations serve a purpose. “I do these not to make you laugh, but to make a light bulb go off.” This is why the evaluation technique is so important. Keep showing the plan, keep shaking the bean jar, and you’ll eventually find some nuts aka your “go nows.”

The six steps involved in the evaluation technique.

  • Willing to evaluate or see plan or overview
  • Choose supplemental income / 2 to 3-year plan
  • Book follow up – list 10-20 people to evaluate
  • 3-way calls and HBP or 2 on 1
  • Everyone must keep doing 2 per week for 52 weeks
  • Have fun!

If you complete these steps, the probability of finding at least 8 “Go Nows” is in your favor. The numbers will work in your favor as people qualify themselves. JR said, “You must succeed so that others can realize their dreams. When they see you do it, it changes everything.”

The company’s mission was to provide a solution for average people to become entrepreneurs. That mission has never changed. The universal shopping cart and multi merchant site are huge advantages when it comes to building an UnFranchise. The best part is that anyone can join. There are no entry barriers. JR believes in turning the “impossible into possible.” Scaling Mt. Everest and a four-minute mile were once thought to be impossible. Once those feats were conquered, thousands of people have conquered these feats.

In Market America, the system helps eliminate the exchange of time for money, which is the objective of the UnFranchise. JR believes that this system is the “best kept secret in the world” and the “greatest entrepreneurial opportunity.” Two calls per week, build each side of your business, imprint, and sponsor are all part of the formula.

JR further explained imprinting, which means to do the plan with your team members. Do it with them and instill good habits. Once again, it all starts with two calls per week. It’s minimum threshold in the business. Find productive people that can also recruit and qualify other productive people. Sponsor 2-4 people, complete the trial run, and have some fun. This is the power of the plan. Enjoy the process!

You can now virtually build your business thanks to all the updates and enhancements to the UnFranchise. JR closed with this statement. “Our number one product is still belief. If you believe, let’s make it happen.”

Getting Started, Part II– Dennis Franks and Jim Winkler

Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler and Executive Vice President of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Dennis Franks to give the second part of their presentation from yesterday. They reiterated Marc’s presentation about the UnFranchise Marketing App. Once it’s available in every market country, every UFO should familiarize themselves with this revolutionary tool.

SHOP LIVE is coming and will change this business for the better. Dennis and Jim did a beta testing of SHOP LIVE to preview what’s to come this July. Jim said, “You need to start working with this technology once this becomes available.”

To achieve UnFranchise Owner Master Program status, one must: complete the Shopping Annuity Assessment, must have subscription for the UFMS, generate a total of 1500 BV of product for the respective quarter. Generate a minimum of 300 IBV within a respective calendar quarter from services. Personally sponsor one qualified and active UFO for the respective calendar quarter. Attend or conduct one New UnFranchise Owner Training. Complete a Basic 5 Diagnostic Test.

Converting spending into earning all starts with planning and to become a Master UFO, you can skip out on planning. Jim said, “Do you believe in you in the next 6 months?” The Master UFO makes all the difference in the world when trying to advance in the UnFranchise Business.

Recognizing Your Success – Andrew Weissman and Jim Winkler

Vice President Andrew Weissman and Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler recognized the following groups at MAWC2021 for their successful efforts in Market America: Directors and Executive Directors.

Power Profile – Brett Portelli^

In his power profile, Supervising Coordinator Brett Portelli discussed his entrepreneurial journey. Brett worked in the corporate world, but wanted more time and the ability to set his family up for the future.

Power Profile – Yvette Tsui^

In her power profile, Executive Director discussed her entrepreneurial journey in Market America.

MAIC Ticket Promotion

Remember to purchase your tickets to #MAIC2021 before the end of MAWC2021 on March 28 at 11:59 EDT if you want to receive $200 in free Market America products. Click here to purchase if you’re in the US.

For Canada and other countries, click here.

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