Day 3 Afternoon Session Of MAWC2021: Business Building Strategies And The Close With JR Ridinger

It’s the final countdown. The last session of MAWC2021 was one to remember! Let’s see what happened.

Top 10 Strategies For Imprinting And Business Building – Elizabeth Weber-Wallis

International Field Chairman Elizabeth Weber-Wallis energized the crowd to start the afternoon. Elizabeth couldn’t hide her passion for Zoom. Elizabeth said, “Knowledge is potential power. Action is power. You need to step it up and take action.”

Strategy #1 – Personal Evaluations: Minimum 2 calls/Zooms/meet-ups a week. Consistency is key. The more you do, the faster you will find the right people. That is leverage.

Strategy #2 – Follow The Process: You need to know the next steps and never do them alone. Part 1, Part 2, Trial Run, Repeat, Follow up – This is teamwork. Elizabeth said, “There are 52 cards in a deck, but only 4 Aces. It may take some time to find people, but finding the right people will be worth it.”

Strategy #3 – Pop-On’s: Help team with 5-minute Pop-Ons. Establish credibility and make a connection. Education is key and you need to edify both ways.

Strategy #4 – Book The Trial Run: People may need your help so make sure to do these with members of your team. We don’t recruit, we qualify.

Strategy #5 – Register UFO’s The Right Way: Your recruits need to qualify first. Use and follow the getting started guide.

Strategy #6 – Schedule First 90-Day Orientation Appointment: Anybody that is registered gets on the first 90-Day appointment. Make sure to review the getting started guide. Elizabeth said, “Don’t forget your WHY. This will get you up in the morning.”

Strategy #7 – Generate Volume: Secure a minimum of 10 customers to use Market America brands. Use trial size marketing and social media to market your products.

Strategy #8 – Join Or Start An Accountability Team: Form a team with 2 or more committed UFOs

Strategy #9 – Be A Good Role Model: You need to lead by example. Be a good team player with a positive, kind, and empathetic attitude.

Strategy #10: Empower And Create Leaders: A leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

Elizabeth invited her team, Team All In, to the stage to share their experiences in the business. Team All In members include^: Master Coordinator Pamela Valentine, Executive Coordinator Carmen Ames, Master Coordinator Deborah Anderson, Executive Coordinator Grace Knodt, Senior Master Coordinator Trista Polo, Clara V. Rodriguez, Executive Coordinator John Marcelino, Supervising Coordinator Emily Pennito.

Recognizing Your Success – Andrew Weissman and Jim Winkler

Before the recognition, Andrew Weissman gave a special shoutout to Dana Galpern. Jim then mentioned that the common theme for these success stories is tickets. Make sure to get your three tickets to MAIC2021!

Vice President Andrew Weissman and Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler recognized the following groups at MAWC2021 for their successful efforts in Market America: Field Vice-President, Executive Field-Vice President, Senior Executive Field Vice-President, Field President, International Field President, and International Field Chairman.

International Field Chairmen, Joanne Tsi and Elizabeth Weber-Wallis, shared emotional words of wisdom to the crowd.

The Close – JR Ridinger

The time finally arrived for JR Ridinger’s famous presentation, The Close. The energy was through the roof! JR said, “It’s an honor to speak to thousands around the world that are connected by belief.” JR discussed the king of the jungle and how it relates to Market America. The lion is the king of the jungle because of his mentality. Market America is a top company because of its mentality.

JR said, “You never know what’s going to happen. Every day above ground is a good day.” You are responsible for yourself so make sure to make your life count. JR passionately discussed the lessons his father taught him including one from the poem, “I Know Something Good About You.”

JR referenced Loren’s “Three C’s” – compliment, congratulate, and console somebody every single day. Love, time, and death are the three things that connect all people. “You need to make more life now. You need to have fun now. Because you don’t know when it will end.” Everybody dies, but not everyone lives. JR asked, “What are you going to do with your dash?”

In the business, you have to put in the work in order to find some success. It takes dedication and sacrifice. JR highlighted a clip from the film, The Pursuit of Happiness, and explained how we’ve all struggled to achieve our dreams. However, things can happen. Your dreams can happen.

Then, JR explained how Market America actually experienced success over the past year because of its adaptability. Market America strives to supply customers with products that they need. Disruption creates opportunity, and Market America loves opportunity. Zoom and virtual events allow UnFranchise Owners to build their business without skipping a beat. Zoom has been a huge addition to the UnFranchise Community. We’ll one day meet up in person, but the company will continue to build virtually. JR congratulated UFOs who achieved new pin levels.

JR highlighted Elon Musk’s Space X and how persistence is necessary for to achieve your goals. Elon never gave up and became the living embodiment of a dream come true. Loren surprised JR onstage and likened Elon’s forward thinking to JR’s entrepreneurial spirit. Market America’s forward thinking on the ground to Elon Musk’s Space X in the sky.

What does Market America have that sets it apart from the rest? JR stated that collective buying power, the Shopping Annuity, a tracking system, and most importantly, people power, are some of the assets that strengthen the company. These features allow UnFranchise Owners to learn and grow as entrepreneurs. JR mentioned we take things like the Internet for granted.

JR said, “Do you understand how miraculous the MPCP is? It’s revolutionary.” The original vision of Market America was to provide average people with a solution to become entrepreneurs. That vision hasn’t changed since the company’s inception. Market America tracks and knows what each SA member/UFO/customer/ buys from each store. JR believes that Market America still hasn’t leveraged all of its power. “We have the solution. We have the alternative… The greatest power in the world is people power,” JR said.

To achieve your goals in Market America, first, you must have a dream/goal/WHY/mission. You must wake up to want something and to have a passion. You need to want to make it happen. You need time to do it. Then, you need to form a strong team. Your team can walk and climb the stairs to success.

So you have a goal and you have a dream, but you don’t have a business. JR said, “It comes down to desire and the ability to say yes. Say ‘yes, I will do it. Yes, I will join you!'” JR looked forward to the day that the entire UnFranchise Community can reunite in the arena and spark magic moments.

JR quoted Winston Churchill and said, “Never, never, never give up.” He wants UFOs to incorporate that same mindset into the business.

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