Day 3 Morning Session Of MAWC2021: Steve Ashley, Fat Joe, And The 2021 Jerry Siciliano Award

Can you believe it’s Day 3? MAWC2021 is flying by, but there’s still one more day to learn and grow. Here’s how it all went down.

Vice President Andrew Weissman and Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler started the morning off with the pre-show address. In addition to providing tips and suggestions, the duo recapped Day 2 including the enhancement to the UnFranchise Marketing App. They also picked the winners for Day 2 of the social media contest. Congratulations to Cullen Haskins on becoming the new head of the GMTSS.

Carmelo Anthony recored a shout-out video that was shown to the crowd.

SHOP.COM – Steve Ashley

Steve Ashley, President and COO of SHOP.COM, brought the energy this morning! Steve first spoke about OneCart and how the company continues to add more Partner Stores every week. Steve said, “Anything that you or your customers want can get it from SHOP.COM and its thousands of Partner Stores.”

Online food sales are on the rise. Specifically, online groceries became the new normal in 2020, and SHOP Groceries provides IBV and free shipping over $75. Rastelli’s is the number two OneCart store in terms of sales. SHOP Local allows UFOs to support local business and earn IBV. Steve also discussed SHOP.COM’s new partnership with XOOM Energy.

From there, Steve broke down the latest enhancements to SHOP.COM. First up was AutoShip. Customers have added more than 1000 new customer net AutoShips monthly. Through analyzing date, the company modified which Market America products default to Buy Now with AutoShip and which default to Buy Now to increase conversions. Key product benefits are spotlighted at the top of each product page on both SHOP.COM and

Health is an important topic for every UnFranchise Owner. Steve announced NutriPhysical is coming to SHOP.COM Canada next month, and it should hit more market countries in the coming months. Also, every Shopping Annuity product is now available on SHOP.COM for all Market Countries.

Steve announced a new feature to called “All In One Search.” Coming soon, when you search a person like JR Ridinger, you will see all the stores, products, business support materials, and audios all on one page.

Now, UFOs can manage, grow, and support your UnFranchise Business with the new UnFranchise Business App, which is live in all countries. It’s free of charge and can be downloaded in your phone’s app store. The goals section of the app provides what you need to do to become a Master UFO. As you finish a goal, it will show up as “completed” and if not, it will be “in progress.” Steve hoped that audios will transfer over from the UF Media App to the UnFranchise Business App by International Convention

In a touching moment, Steve discussed his “My Why,” which is his daughter, Violet. Steve discussed how he developed unhealthy habits during the pandemic and eventually tested positive for COVID-19. Steve said, “I’m going to take control of my life once again. Enough is enough. My commitment to you and myself is that at each event going forward, I will be a healthier and happier person.”

Weekly Accountability – Jim Winkler and Kevin Buckman

Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler was joined virtually by Executive Vice President of Asia-Pacific Kevin Buckman. Jim said, “Accountability is a very important aspect of growing your business. It’s not just being in an accountability group, but holding yourself accountable. It’s the difference between results and extraordinary results.”

Jim stressed that UFOs must hold people accountable in their group. You need to set review sessions, weekly Zoom calls, and check-ins as a way to encourage accountability. Kevin said, “True accountability comes from within.”

Kevin stressed that the key for accountability is to stress the result-producing activities within your teams. These are vital for growth because it usually leads to new business volume. Accountability requires identifying and implementing many moving parts on a constant and consistent basis. Kevin said, “Establish a culture where everyone wants to be held accountable. It becomes a positive, not a negative. It’s like becoming a championship team.”

Set up a control and environment where each member of the team is hitting their goals. Leadership defines your culture. Don’t forget to include timely rewards in your accountability group. Accountability is not a one time thing; it is an all time thing.

At the end of the presentation, Jennifer Lopez recored a special video for MAWC2021.

Jerry Siciliano Award – Marc Ashley and Loren Ridinger

Loren Ridinger, Senior Executive Vice President of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM, and Marc Ashley, President & COO of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM, came out to announce the winner of the 2021 Jerry Siciliano Award.

Jerry was known as the “Godfather of Market America.” His contributions will never be forgotten. Both Marc and Loren shared stories about special interactions with Jerry during the early days of the company.

The winner of the 2021 Jerry Siciliano Award was Min Liu^. In her acceptance speech, Min thanked the entire corporate team for this tremendous honor. Over two decades ago, Min joined Market America because she wanted to give her daughter and parents a better life. She had no car, money, and couldn’t even speak English, but what she did have was a dream. Min joked she learned “Market America English.” Despite battling cancer, Min’s spirits were very upbeat as she remains in a positive place.

Fat Joe

One of our favorite leaders in Market America, President of Urban & Latino Development Joseph “Fat Joe” Cartagena, was next to present. Joe believes in the mantra that “we only live once.” Joe believes that people tend to get in the way of themselves. We all deserve better.

Fat Joe said, “One of the biggest things about Market America is love. We all want to see each other succeed. One team, one dream.” Joe shared a story about an interaction with a Venezuelan man who worked on the boat he was on. All this man wanted to do was make money and succeed in America. This man rose in the ranks, worked hard, and lived the American dream.

Joe said, “When pride and ego get in the way, it can be very humbling. No one shows you the journey. They only show you the final product.” Even though the world was locked down, Joe mentioned that Market America was open.

Market America is a system made for you, according to Joe. By sticking to the UnFranchise plan, Joe believes you can make money for the rest of your life. Joe said, “You need to look inside yourself to win.”

Joe mentioned that if you have it in you to be a winner, then there is no other place for you. Joe loves how UnFranchise Owners always want to help each other. UFOs will tell other UFOs how to succeed and grow. Joe said, “Consistency is key. Get up there and do it again.”

Joe ended with this phrase. He said, “It’s time to learn the power of you. The power is in the plan. The power is in you.”

Power Profile – Ted Chou & Emily Cheng^

Executive Field Vice Presidents Ted Chou and Emily Cheng shared their Market America journey. Both Ted and Emily believe they became better versions of themselves through the business.

Power Profile – Kevin Ng^

Supervising Coordinator Kevin Ng explained his experience as an entrepreneur with Market America. Kevin credits his sponsor for helping him understand the business model in 2016.

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