#MAWC2021 Recap

Raise your hand if you feel the 2021 Market America | SHOP.COM World Conference was the best event to date! Our hands are certainly raised high! Each presentation brought us closer to our ultimate goal of an arena full of Directors. Continue reading for a full recap of the event as well as find out where you can find more resources to share with your team.

New Products:

This was a major event for product announcements! Day 1 was filled with new products and we couldn’t be happier!

Motives Cosmetics: Motives Creative Consultant, Maria Checa never disappoints! We are so excited to officially launch the Super Power Mattes Eyeshadow Palette, inspired by our very own Superhero, Creative Director and Founder of Motives®, Loren Ridinger. Plus Maria let us in on two products that are coming soon: Motives® Arch Definer Ultra-Fine Brow Pencil and Motives® Blending Sponge.

Motives Try Me:Now live on motivescosmetics.com and unfranchise.com, the virtual try me feature! This is a new and exciting makeup try on experience that we  know you and your customers will enjoy.  Choose a sample photo, a photo from your camera roll or try it on live at the click of the “Try Me” button.

Lumiere de Vie: Your skincare routine is about to get even better with four new Lumière de Vie products, plus LdV’s very first trial size product! Order the new: Lumière de Vie® Super Soother, Lumière de Vie® Hydrate x 3, Lumière de Vie® Overnight Renewal Masque, Lumière de Vie® Skincare Brush Collection, & Lumière de Vie® Needle-Free Serum Trial-Sized Marketing Packs.

Layered: This was a huge event for the Layered line as it continues to grow! Kim Ashley & Loren Ridinger announced 11 new Layered products, plus the brand new Layered website www.getlayered.com!

TLS Weight Loss: TLS is excited to share that the beloved Thermochrome is back and revamped. Introducing, TLS Thermochrome™ V6. At MAWC 2021 one of the most exciting announcments for TLS was the arrival of our highly anticipated, limited-edition flavor shake: TLS® Cookies & Cream Nutrition Shake! Don’t wait- quantities are VERY LIMITED!

Health & Nutrition: On day 1 of MAWC, Marc Ashley announced multiple new products! First, Marc shared two products that we soft-launched before MAWC, Vivoquin & Isotonix Sexual Health. He didn’t stop there, Marc also announced Ultimate Aloe ™ with AstaReal™ Astaxanthin, Bymygra, & Prime Sleep Trial Size packets!

Shopping Annuity Brand:The Shopping Annuity Brand® is expanding! At MAWC 2021, Marc Ashley introduced the newest product, Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner.

Jerry Siciliano Award:

Loren Ridinger, Senior Executive Vice President of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM, and Marc Ashley, President & COO of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM, reminisced on the legacy of Jerry Siciliano and announced the winner of the 2021 Jerry Siciliano Award.

The winner of the 2021 Jerry Siciliano Award was Min Liu. In her acceptance speech, Min thanked the entire corporate team for this tremendous honor. Over two decades ago, Min joined Market America because she wanted to give her daughter and parents a better life. She had no car, money, and couldn’t even speak English, but what she did have was a dream. Min joked she learned “Market America English.” Despite battling cancer, Min’s spirits were very upbeat as she remains in a positive place. CONGRATULATIONS Min Liu!

Marc Ashley:

President & COO of Market America, Worldwide, Marc Ashley never disappoints! Marc led three phenomenal presentations that each packed a punch! On day 1 of MAWC, Marc announced a plethora of new products (listed above).

On day 2,  Marc said, “I’ve never been happier or pleased than what this company is about to show you. We’re going to talk about products and technology. You’re really going to see how your business is going to catapult. This the perfect storm.”

Many of Market America’s products come in convenient trial size packets. These are great to present to your customers to try. At MAIC2020, the company debuted Isotonix Daily Essentials Trial Size Sample Packets. So far, UFOs and customers are loving these sample packets. After months of research, the company decided to create two new trial size packets, Prime Sleep Trial Size Sample Packets  and Lumiere de Vie Needle-Free Serum Trial Size Sample Packets.

Sample packets tie in directly with the UnFranchise Marketing App, the app will send emails on Day 1, 3, 5, and 7 to the customer who received the sample packets. The app essentially goes to work for you. Marc hit on the most impressive features of the UnFranchise Marketing App and shared his most jaw-dropping announcement of the weekend!

Marc asked the MAWC2021 crowd if they would like to have their own personalized shopping channel with an exclusive social sharing platform to invite your customers and prospects to watch. Marc introduced the UF Marketing App’s newest feature, SHOP LIVE. In your app, you can personally invite any of your customers to watch your live broadcast via SHOP Live. Stay tuned to the blog for more details on this incredible feature!

SHOP.COM with Steve Ashley:

Steve Ashley, President and COO of SHOP.COM brought energy and heart on the final morning of MAWC. Steve shared some of the best features of SHOP.COM and explained how online shopping and features such as Curbside Pickup have grown in popularity in 2020 and 2021. Next, Steve broke down the latest enhancements to SHOP.COM such as AutoShip. Through analyzing data, the company modified which Market America products default to Buy Now with AutoShip and which default to Buy Now to increase conversions. Key product benefits are spotlighted at the top of each product page on both SHOP.COM and UnFranchise.com.

Next up, Steve announced NutriPhysical is coming to SHOP.COM Canada next month, and it should hit more market countries in the coming months. Also, every Shopping Annuity product is now available on SHOP.COM for all Market Countries.

Now, UFOs can manage, grow, and support your UnFranchise Business with the new UnFranchise Business App, which is live in all countries. It’s free of charge and can be downloaded in your phone’s app store. The goals section of the app provides what you need to do to become a Master UFO. As you finish a goal, it will show up as “completed” and if not, it will be “in progress.” Steve hoped that audios will transfer over from the UF Media App to the UnFranchise Business App by International Convention


Loren Ridinger:

Senior Executive Vice President of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Loren Ridinger gave quite an inspirational presentation at MAWC 2021. Loren stressed the importance of being authentic. She stated, “Being authentic is the new disruptive.” After talking with friends, Loren learned that most people tell you who they aren’t instead of who they are. It’s hard for us to accept who we are. Everyone comes to a crossroads in their life and many people choose the wrong way and become the wrong person. Loren shared a story about a choice she made as a teenager that changed her life. When her father wanted her to be a flight attendant, Loren said no because it wasn’t what she wanted to do. She had to fight for herself. Loren said, “If you don’t step up and fight for yourself, who else will fight for you?”

Loren shared that she wants the crowd to make an effort to build a strong UnFranchise team. Don’t be afraid to talk about what people want with your customers because they typically need what Market America has. Thanks to an online model, UFOs can build a business from anywhere in the world.

She encouraged everyone to implement these 4 tasks into their lives:


  •  Pick a word from this moment forward that will guide you for the rest of the year. Loren’s word is “soul.” For example, if you’re going to work, put your soul into it. If you’re going to your child’s birthday party, put your soul into it. You can’t outsource soul.
  • Have fewer goals and go where the action is. For example, if your specialty is TLS, go to the gym, and start building relationships.
  • Every single night before you go to bed, plan out the next day for five minutes. People who don’t plan for the next day don’t plan for the future. Think in terms of weeks.
  • Take three minutes a day to send 3 texts/emails/notes with the “3 C’s” – compliment, congratulate, and console.


JR Ridinger:

Founder, Chairman, & CEO JR Ridinger gave three incredibly powerful presentations over the course of the weekend. On Saturday, JR spoke twice on the power of the plan. JR stressed the importance of evaluating prospects and not just “signing people up.” See the full recaps here: Morning Afternoon

During his closing presentation, JR referenced the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness. In the business, you have to put in the work in order to find some success. It takes dedication and sacrifice. JR highlighted a clip from the film, The Pursuit of Happiness, and explained how we’ve all struggled to achieve our dreams. However, things can happen. Your dreams can happen.

Then, JR explained how Market America actually experienced success over the past year because of its adaptability. Market America strives to supply customers with products that they need. Disruption creates opportunity, and Market America loves opportunity. Zoom and virtual events allow UnFranchise Owners to build their business without skipping a beat. Zoom has been a huge addition to the UnFranchise Community. We’ll one day meet up in person, but the company will continue to build virtually.

To achieve your goals in Market America, first, you must have a dream/goal/WHY/mission. You must wake up to want something and to have a passion. You need to want to make it happen. You need time to do it. Then, you need to form a strong team. Your team can walk and climb the stairs to success.

So you have a goal and you have a dream, but you don’t have a business. JR said, “It comes down to desire and the ability to say yes. Say ‘yes, I will do it. Yes, I will join you!’” JR looked forward to the day that the entire UnFranchise Community can reunite in the arena and spark magic moments. JR quoted Winston Churchill and said, “Never, never, never give up.” He wants UFOs to incorporate that same mindset into the business.

Video Resources:

Did you love all of the videos shared during the event? You can find them all here on our Video Resource Blog so that you can share them on your social media.

Blog Recaps:

Full 14 Day Replay: 

The full replay is now available on Swapcard for ticketholders to rewatch over the next 14 days. You’ll notice the replay is the full day so we’ve created a timesheet for all presentations for quick reference in case you’re looking for a specific presentation. CLICK HERE for the list of time stamps to quickly find the presentation you’re looking for.


We had a great time at World Conference, the only thing missing was YOU! We strongly encourage you to purchase your tickets to the 2021 Market America International Convention you haven’t already! We are so hopeful that we will be together in person again in for the next event. You don’t want to miss MAIC 2021, we promise to come back with more products, even more advancements, and more business-building lessons from our executive team! We’ll see you in August!


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