MAWC2021: Do You Have Your Tickets?

The end of February is near, which means we’re officially one step closer to World Conference. The 2021 Market America World Conference is one month away. We have one important question for the UnFranchise® Community. Do you have your tickets?

First and foremost, tickets provide access to MAWC2021. Since World Conference is an online event, purchasing tickets allows UFOs to watch the event on the livestream. Our speakers will share vital information regarding Market America, SHOP.COM, and the Shopping Annuity so viewing the event is of the utmost importance.

At MAWC2021, we will debut our new partnership with Swapcard, which runs a cutting-edge online event platform that delivers an absolutely incredible experience and makes it easier than ever to learn, grow, network, and build. This software will help build a better UFO experience before, during, and after World Conference. JR Ridinger discussed Swapcard in a recent blog post, which you can read here.

In addition to onstage presentations, all of the breakout sessions will be livestreamed as well. You will have access to every breakout session during MAWC2021. Purchasing a ticket is the only way to insure admission to both the event and the breakouts.

On the surface, tickets allow entrance to MAWC2021, but they supply so much more than that. Tickets are a symbol of belief in both yourself and the business. Magic moments will happen throughout the event so you don’t want to miss the spark that could be a difference maker in your business.

To purchase tickets, please click this link.

Several members of the corporate and executive sales team created videos explaining why you need to purchase a ticket to MAWC2021.

Just like last event, our team would love to show your watch parties onstage so our speakers can interact with the UnFranchise community during the event. However, that can’t happen unless you RSVP. To be featured at MAWC2021, please RSVP to the event using this link:

2021 Market America World Conference

Date: March 26-28, 2021

Where: Online

Tickets: Purchase Tickets On

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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