MAWC2021: Top Moments From World Conference

How is MAWC2021 over? It’s hard to believe that World Conference ended two days ago. We were just getting started! The atmosphere for this virtual event was incredible. UnFranchise Owners brought incredible energy and dedication to each session!

From onstage presentations to product announcements, MAWC2021 included so many memorable moments. We spotlighted a few of our favorites!

Marc Ashley Announces UnFranchise Marketing App With SHOP Live

Throughout the first day of World Conference, Marc Ashley teased that his third presentation would change the company forever. Marc did not disappoint with the announcement of the UnFranchise Marketing App’s newest feature, SHOP LIVE.

Think of this feature as a personalized shopping channel. Users can invite customers to watch their broadcast. Users can then interact with viewers through the chat feature and customers can buy products directly from the broadcast. SHOP Live will go live in all countries on July 1, 2021. To read more about the app, click here.

Jerry Siciliano Award Goes To Min Liu

The Jerry Siciliano Award is one of the greatest honors an UnFranchise Owner can receive in Market America. Marc Ashley and Loren Ridinger announced Min Liu as the winner. Min’s inspirational journey left us all in tears. Min sought to give her family a better life. After listening to her speech, we can all acknowledge her success.

Announcement Of Motives® Super Power Mattes Eye Shadow Palette

Who doesn’t love new products from Motives? On Day 1, Maria Checa announced the new Motives® Super Power Mattes Eye Shadow Palette. What is your super power? These mattes will supercharge your look. This palette is filled with tons of neutral shades for looks that can withstand any combat, day or night, while its star shade, Feisty, adds the ultimate pop of color to give any look extra grit.

Loren Ridinger’s Inspirational Speech

Is Loren Ridinger inspirational or what? She has a gift and that gift is the ability to inspire! We’re ready to become the best versions of ourselves. Check out some of Loren’s memorable quote here.

Remember: The full replay is now available on Swapcard for ticket holders to rewatch over the next 14 days. We created a timesheet for the presentations, which you can access here.

Did you love the videos that played between presentations? We’ve created a full resource list of those incredible videos for you to easily access and share with your team, customers, and prospects. Click to watch the video resources.

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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