Importance Of Attending Major Events #MAWC2022

With #MAWC2022 just two weeks away, Jim Winkler, Vice President of Sales, wrote about the importance of attending major Market America events. Read Jim’s article below.

“Importance of Attending Major Events (#MAWC2022)”

When I was new to the UnFranchise® Business, I was lucky enough to have a senior partner who insisted that I attend the next major event. I told her that I’d be coachable and do whatever it took to succeed, so I purchased tickets for myself and the people I’d bring with me.

I hadn’t even earned my first commission yet and was really operating on faith. I was excited to see where this company would be going in the future and was looking forward to meeting the field leaders and the Corporate Team. It truly was a life-changing event for me and the people who came with me.

I admired the quality of the training and the detail that went into every aspect of the event. The knowledge and real-life training immediately impacted my business as I implemented different techniques and strategies that I learned. I went there as an Executive Coordinator and six months later, I was a Supervising Coordinator. There’s no way that would have happened if I hadn’t attended that first major event.*

That weekend, the most important thing I left with was a belief in the company and in the Corporate Team. JR spoke from his heart, and I felt his enthusiasm when he talked about building supplemental income. Loren was so encouraging, and Marc was so passionate. When Dennis talked about products, you could see him light up, and I realized that I’d really found something special. I met so many of the top leaders and learned from their segments on stage. I quickly understood that they were good hardworking people who deeply loved the business. It made me feel like I could make it, too.

I have never missed a major event since that day 25 years ago, and I never will. I’m part of the Corporate Team now, but I’ll always be an UnFranchise Owner at heart and still get so excited for each major event. I’m almost like a little kid leading up to the holidays. There’s something special about seeing where the company is going and how we will get there.

The 2022 World Conference will be particularly special. It will be a hybrid major event, with thousands in attendance in person at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center and thousands streaming in from all around the world via Swapcard.

The valuable business-building training, guidance, and support provided are crucial for our success as UnFranchise Owners. One weekend at a major event is the equivalent of six months of working in the field. You speed up the learning curve so much.

We look forward to having you and your team join us for this worldwide event. Put the effort in now to get more people to the event, and you’ll thank yourself for a lifetime.

Stay Focused and Stay the Course.

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Here are some other testimonials from UnFranchise Owners sharing the significance of attending major events (World Conference and International Convention):

“Attending my first major event is what created and instilled my belief in the business. Seeing and feeling the commitment of JR and the entire Corporate Team, the success of so many people on the stage, their stories, the testimonials, and their belief in the business was incredibly inspirational and made me realize if they could do it, I can do it! This was my magic moment! … Being there with so many like-minded, positive, forward-thinking people is such an uplifting experience … It made me believe in myself!” *

– Wendy M., Director

“While attending, I realized the power of this radically different business model. I witnessed the transformative impact this business had on people from all over the world. That event opened my eyes to the possibility of a different future for me … I am forever grateful for the blessings of this business in my life!* *

– Sharon L., Executive Director

“Within six weeks of (attending), I went from Master Coordinator to Supervising Coordinator. Why? Because I had enough people on my team that had developed the belief and knowledge necessary to build a successful UnFranchise Business. They saw the big picture and learned a year’s worth of information in three days … The single most important thing you can do is get yourself and your team building and growing from event to event in the GMTSS. It will always be the highest and best use of your time!” *

– Andrew W., Director

*Earnings depicted are atypical, and the success of any UnFranchise Owner will depend upon the amount of hard work, talent, and dedication he or she devotes to building his or her Market America business. For typical earnings, see

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