MAWC2022 Tips & Things To Bring

If this is your first time attending a major event like MAWC2022, or the first time attending in person, we have some tips for you! Here are a few things you can do that will amplify your experience and improvement as a UFO.


Don’t just socialize – network! Keep track of the contact info of the UFOs you meet. Some ways to do this is to add “UFO” somewhere in their contact ID on your phone, write down their Instagram handle when you follow them, or clear out your wallet for space for business cards. As you develop your business centers, attend training events, or participate in other educational opportunities, you’ll want to be able to ask questions and provide support in turn to your fellow UFOs.


Social Media

Sharing on your social media accounts accomplishes three fantastic things at once. One, by posting to social media and hashtagging #MAWC2022, you are automatically participating in our social media contest to enter for a chance to win a ticket to MAIC2022! Two, you are already utilizing your online platforms to market to your customers. Three, social media is actually a great way to take notes of important quotes and moments you may want to look back over later. Make sure you tag the Market America and other respective channels that relate to the moment!


Although you likely have in mind already the speakers you want to listen to and breakouts you want to attend at MAWC2022, make sure you have dedicated your schedule in this upcoming week to be present. Whether you’re online or in-person, you may be surprised by what you can learn from the moments you were less interested in originally. Be prepared with tools, even snacks, to remain at the venue for extended periods of time, or even online on Swapcard.


Special Package

Don’t forget your emojis, T-Shirt, wristband, and more! Each of these items not only reflects the love we have for Dennis and everything he embodied as a UFO, but also communicates to your fellow entrepreneurs that we are in this together. After all, it is the power of people that makes the world go ‘round.

Smile & Have Fun

Even though this is business, you can enjoy yourself too. Meet new people, show your guests around, and absorb all the magical moments that you possibly can. You won’t regret it!

Andrea Geller

Andrea Geller


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