MaWebCenter Legacy to Oasis site transfer process

MaWebCenter Legacy to Oasis site transfer process


WebCenter Owners are excited about the new WebCenter platform Oasis, and so are we!  Many are asking about their existing clients and wanting to know their options. There are a few scenarios to consider.  Let’s take a look.


You have a customer that is in the process of building a Legacy site they have recently purchased or that has recently purchased a Legacy site with a Design Center package, but they have yet to complete the design process and approve a design.  This means that the website design has not yet been integrated or built.  If they would like their site on the new Oasis platform, the process is simple.

Simply work with Tech Support to migrate form the Legacy platform to the Oasis platform. However there are a few strong considerations!

  1. We can transfer any Trial or Sold Legacy site, as long as it is OK to immediately wipe out the Legacy site and replace it with an Oasis site. Which means the Legacy site will be deleted immediately, so if you or your client will need to copy any information you will need from Legacy PRIOR TO moving to Oasis!  However, if you need the Oasis site operational at the same time as the Legacy site, the transfer option is currently not for you.  Right now, it’s an all or nothing situation.
  2. If your customer is currently on Legacy Basic Hosting, they are paying $19.99/mo or an equivalent in your market country. It’s important to note that Basic Hosting on Oasis is $24.99/mo.  Please make sure to inform your customer and get their authorization first before requesting the migration. See the Oasis Price list for costs in Support Materials.
  3. If your customer needs eCommerce, it’s important to note that eCommerce has an additional cost on Oasis.  Please make sure your customer understands this.  They will need to decide which tier of eCommerce they need and can purchase that upgrade in the admin. Please see the Oasis Price list for costs.
  4. If the site has a Design Center package and we have already begun the Final Design phase where we integrate the design into the platform, then we cannot do the migration without an additional charge to cover our additional labor of implementing the design twice.  If the Design Center package has only been in the Wizard or Conceptual Design phase, then we can migrate them at no extra charge.
  5. We will assist with domain pointing when the client is ready.  We didn’t want to automate that step, because there are a lot of variables to account for that could dramatically impact the business, like having their email go down.  They will need to contact us when they are ready to have the domain pointed.  If they have email with us and their Legacy site, they can continue to use it with an Oasis site.  The way they access it would not change.
  6. Their billing will be migrated over as well.  They will be able to access and update their payment method, invoice history…etc.
  7. The site must be in English or Spanish.  The Oasis backend admin panel does not currently support Chinese.  It does support multiple other languages or copy and paste Chinese characters on the front-end, Public-facing website but not the Oasis dashboard
  8. Oasis is not available in Hong Kong or Taiwan due to limitations above, but Tech Support and Customer Care are still providing support in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese to all clients.
  9. Clients on either platform will continue to login to edit their site through your WebCenter, same as they always have.
  10. We have a new Oasis Design Preview tool located  here  Please review those designs, as one of them will be the starting point for your customer’s site.  When you reply with the approval, you will need to let us know which design they want to utilize.

WebCenter Owners can also view the Oasis templates on under the Oasis tab and all pricing is available in under Support Materials.


You have a customer that has a Legacy site with WebCenters, and they like the idea of an update. They need a redesign, a fresh look, and really need to take advantage of new features and tools available on Oasis.  Perhaps, you have an existing client that constantly contacts you or Tech Support for assistance in basic website edits.  Some clients may have threatened to cancel, or you know they are looking at other providers.  One of the best things you can do is offer them a website overhaul built on our incredible new website platform Oasis.  Here are the options:

  1. Simply work with Tech Support to migrate from the Legacy platform to the Oasis platform. However, be sure to note the strong considerations above!  They would need to save ALL content before it is wiped clean and they have NO website available.  This would not cost anything in addition but comes at the drastic price of starting over.  They may then require a Design Center Package to rebuild this site which will then take time to build.
  2. Sell them a new website package with or without a design center package to provide them the latest and greatest features available on Oasis. While there is a cost associated, it should be seen as a tremendous investment in their digital marketing presence. Review the available layouts (templates found on, perhaps conduct a website design and management consultation to see what they truly want or need in a new website.  Highlight the new features and tools available to them.  From here, offer them a discount off the retail price as an incentive and a way of saying “Thank you for your business, and being a loyal client.” Sales Appointments are not available to existing clients.  You will want to login to a Trial Site and showcase the editor or use the various tools & resources that will be made available soon. Once they have their new Oasis site, it is time to cancel the Legacy site.  Work with Tech Support on pointing the domain and addressing email concerns.


We are excited for Oasis, WebCenter Owners are excited for Oasis, and clients are excited about Oasis!  It is a great time to expand your UnFranchise business with more WebCenter Owners and bring existing and new clients to our newest product release!  If you have any questions, please contact Any technical questions can be addressed to maWebCenters Tech Support at 866-WEB-HELP or

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