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What You May Have Missed: August 27, 2017

Another busy week is over here at the Market America Corporate office!  Earlier this week, we were lucky enough to see the solar eclipse and, wow, was that an experience.  On top of that, everyone’s been scrambling to get notebooks, lunch boxes, and backpacks in order as we head into the school year! If you’ve been as busy as we have, you may have missed what’s been going on the corporate office. Catch up on all the important Market America | SHOP.COM related events and news you may have missed below.

what you may have missed

The UnFranchise Blog

JR Ridinger Discusses The Upsides Of Failing With

what you may have missed

If there is anyone who knows about failure, it’s JR Ridinger. However, in order to achieve success, you must learn from your failures. That’s exactly what JR and the team did. No matter how bad it was, they believed in the idea that they were preaching and knew that Market America could change the world. They never lost that belief and 25 years later, that belief is stronger than ever.


College Kick-Off: 5 of Your Health & Nutrition Essentials

what you may have missed

College is a massive change for many, especially those moving away from home for the first time.  There’s new friends, new responsibilities, late nights, and early mornings.  While you’re juggling those overpriced textbooks, a social life, and work, it’s easy to lose sight of your health!  If you want to finish those papers before the football game, you’re going to need to be healthy and focused.  Try these great products to keep you running at 100%!




CEO, JR Ridinger’s Blog

Learn and Grow: Attend Our Upcoming West Coast Product Symposium

what you may have missed

We have the best brands in the world but if you don’t understand why then you’re hampering your own business growth! Empower yourself by attending our upcoming West Coast ma University Orientation and Product Symposium! Here, we have all of the important details. 

MAIC2017: Pushing Back Your 2 to 3 Year Clock

what you may have missed

When we talk about the power of the 2 to 3-year plan, it seems like some people are getting confused about the way the clock operates. Some people think the clock on the 2 to 3-year plan starts moving the moment you become an UnFranchise Owner, but the truth is this clock only moves when you engage in result-producing activities. This was one of the central themes I discussed at MAIC2017, and you can find the video here as well!




Senior VP, Loren Ridinger’s Blog

Coming Soon: Motives Iconic Palette

what you may have missed

We’ve got so many exciting new releases up on Motives® right now along with a few I know you’re waiting on. The Motives® team and I have worked hard on these products to make them just the way you like it. The one product I’m most excited about is the Motives® Iconic Palette.  Click to find out more!


How to Make Success Your Obligation

what you may have missed

You want to be successful, but sometimes you’re just not sure how. And, to make it even more complicated, it’s easy to struggle with what success means to you. Whether you’re thinking it’s time to make a major career move or you’re contemplating starting your own business, the bottom line is that you want to achieve something. But, what is that something? How do you get there? And, how do you make success your obligation? Here are a few general rules I try to follow each and every day.




Shopping Annuity Blog

maWebCenters: Free Special Extended And Upcoming Contest

what you may have missed

The WebCenter program gives you the necessary tools and training techniques to revolutionize your digital marketing strategies. If your business has not entered the digital age, you are truly missing out on a huge opportunity to market your business and personal brand.  Click to find out more about the extended special and upcoming contest!


MAIC2017: New Products From Market America Exclusive Brands

what you may have missed

Products are the selling point of this company. Without good products, no one would buy from SHOP.COMand more importantly, no one would fund their Shopping Annuity. Thankfully, Market America | SHOP.COM is run on people power and selling great products.

In fact, at the 2017 Market America International Convention, multiple main stage presentations were dedicated to the revealing of new products.  Click to read more about the reveal!




SHOP.COM Updates 

NOW AVAILABLE: Essential Oils by Royal Spa®

what you may have missed

Stimulate the senses with essential oils!

We are proud to introduce to you the new Essential Oils by Royal Spa® — a collection of five essential oils that promote positive well-being and balance to our daily lives. Essential Oils by Royal Spa are natural and contain no synthetics (including phthalates).  Click more to read all of the details!


Get Your Dorm Essentials At SHOP.COM

what you may have missed

Whether you are off to college for the first time or returning after break, we have everything you’ll need to live the good life on campus! And if you’re shopping for someone who’s college-bound, you will love our big discounts on products for the dorm, the classroom, and around campus. Shop dorm organization and shelving, dorm furniture and bedding, small appliances, electronics, decor and much more!







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