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What You May Have Missed: January 22, 2017

Can you believe we are less than 3 weeks away until World Conference? The Market America Social Media Team along with the rest of the Corporate Team has been busy getting ready for what will be a monumental event. A lot has happened at Market America in the past week, and we’re still catching our breath ourselves. If you’ve been as busy as we have, you may have missed what’s been going on the corporate office. Catch up on all the important Market America | SHOP.COM related events and news you may have missed below.

Top posts of the week on the UnFranchise blog

The Best Travel Kits for Market America World Conference 2017. We’re only 3 weeks away from the start of World Conference. We’re sharing them with you and telling you why you need to bring them with you for MAWC 2017.

Stop Wasting Your Time: The Rule of 80/20. The Pareto Principal is a common trend in today business tools which encourages an 80/20 rule. What Pareto found through many tried and tested results is that roughly 80% of effects come from 20% of causes.

Top posts of the week on CEO JR Ridinger’s blog

SHOP Local: Changing the Game in 2017. SHOP Local is going to make a huge splash in 2017 and you need to join in and capitalize on this! You need to experience this for yourself and start utilizing this program.

Get Your Power Profile Video Recorded at #MAWC2017. Attention UFOs – time is running out to schedule recordings for Power Profile videos at World Conference! These videos can help serve as an excellent resource and personalized business building asset for UnFranchise Owners, and having them filmed at World Conference is a no-brainer!

Top posts of the week on Senior VP Loren Ridinger’s blog

MAWC 2017: The Path to a New You. The path to a new you begins with the decision to make that change. If you are joining beauty mogul and entrepreneur Loren Ridinger in Miami for MAWC 2017, you’re already on your way.

5 Brave Things to Do for Yourself this Year. Have you ever thought to yourself that now is the time to be brave? Loren Ridinger shares five brave things to do for yourself this year and change your life for the better.

SHOP.COM Updates                                       

Partner Stores Update. We’ve added new stores plus some partner stores have increased cashback and are offering hot deals and exclusive offers.

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Melissa Paniagua

Melissa Paniagua

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