Media Hits: Market America | SHOP.COM Featured In Premier Gazette

Do you want to know the story of how Market America came to be? Would you like to hear a new viewpoint on the story of this business and the ups and downs the company has faced for over 27 years? Check out our feature profile in the Premier Gazette.

The article explains how JR, Loren, Marc, and the rest of the corporate team started the business in 1992. From there, the article goes into detail about the UnFranchise® Business model, Shopping Annuity®, International Convention, and SHOP.COM.

We can’t stress enough the fact that this article is perfect to show new recruits or customers. It grants users a taste of Market America while potentially sparking a conversation about joining the business. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Market America | SHOP.COM is Greensboro’s Best Kept Secret

“Nearly 27 years ago in a small 1,500 square foot space, three graduates of Page High School in Greensboro, North Carolina conceived a business idea. It was 1992 when JR Ridinger, his wife Loren, and her brother Marc Ashley first started Market America. They had a shoestring budget and an idea that was 25 years ahead of its time.

JR had a passion for the concept of Market America that ran much deeper than his pocketbook, but that didn’t stop him. He used his sales experience with Amway to develop his business idea. The company, founded in Greensboro, began by direct-selling various goods like nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and home and auto products. But this was just the beginning.”

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