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Meet The Majors Webinar Now On Shopping Annuity Youtube Channel

Last week, Sarah Rose Stack hosted an informational webinar titled, “Meet The Majors,” which touched on a few of the Market America Majors in the company. The majors mentioned in the broadcast were Motives®, TLS®, WebCenters, nutraMetrix®, and SHOP Financial®.

JR Ridinger says the UnFranchise Business is like a two-sided coin to make money. On one side is the Shopping Annuity®, which UFOs are always going to do. The other side is the Market America Major program, where UFOs can specialize in their area of choice or expertise.

Each speaker provided a 10-minute overview of their area of specialization, the opportunity and how it can take your retail and UnFranchise business to the next level. Whether you are looking to specialize in a particular area or are looking to understand them better so you can prospect and recruit within them, this webinar is a must-see. The speakers included:

  • Leigh Raeder with Motives Cosmetics
  • Sue Pasqual with TLS
  • Jason Pelland with WebCenters
  • Sarah Tugender with nutraMetrix
  • Charlie Baer with SHOP Financial

Each speaker discussed the following topics:

  • Products Profitability (retail profit, BV/IBV potential)
  • Process (What does a UFO who majors in your area “do”)
  • Programs (Training, systems that UFOs can follow)

Watch the webinar and share the link with your teams. Look out for more Meet The Majors’ broadcasts in the future.

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