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Meeting of the Minds: Market America | SHOP.COM IT Summit

As technology continues to play an increasingly important role in the world we live in, it’s critical for ecommerce companies like Market America and SHOP.COM to not only hire the best and brightest minds but to also put them in a tremendous position to develop and implement the type of groundbreaking, cutting edge features that will change the future of online shopping.

Sure, we have bold plans and big dreams for the future, but we know we can make them a reality by working together. Today was a special day for our company as we held an IT Summit in Greensboro, NC with developers and business analysts from Market America and SHOP.COM. These teams work together on a daily basis but we feel it’s critical for everyone to take a step back from time to time, to assess what we’re doing and engage with one another in an ultra-productive way. Special workshops like today’s IT Summit play a key role in the continual learning process for our employees as well as our teambuilding initiatives.

What’s great about this summit is the fact that our IT teams had the opportunity to not only interact with key corporate leaders like Steve Ashley, Michael Brady, Chris Peddycord, Eugene Wallace, and Kevin Curley – but the developers and analysts here also had a chance to share their opinions and experiences as well. We talked a lot about our WHY as a company – but we also wanted to dive deeper into what drives and motivates our brilliant developers to constantly create and innovate.

It’s one thing for these teams to email and call one another when working on projects, but we feel it’s important for them to also meet in person throughout the year so they can learn from one another while also helping everyone form a better understanding of the big picture, and the role each person plays in our development process. We all fit into the process somewhere, and when you refine your methods and inspire teamwork and collaboration, then ultimately better results will be delivered.

The best part about today’s IT Summit is the fact that every idea we generate, every question or issue we resolve, and every breakthrough we inspire has a direct effect on our UnFranchise Owners around the world. These teams play an absolutely critical role for our company by helping spearhead the cutting edge innovations that make SHOP.COM one of the most dynamic shopping sites in the world – with new features and innovations always in the mix!

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in today’s Market America | SHOP.COM IT Summit. Understanding the vision of our business and how technology plays into that scenario will go a long way in helping ensure we remain on the cutting edge. When you walk away from this conference, remember what we learned today and think about how we can reach our goals together. Every day is a chance to improve, and each developer and engineer who attended today’s IT Summit has an important role to play in this endeavor.

For us, the future is now. As Steve Ashley said today… “Always be open to change or risk becoming complacent – think about the future!” Each and every one of you will play a distinct and important role in what we become together in the future. Never forget that.

Keep Growing

-JR Ridinger




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JR Ridinger, CEO

JR Ridinger, CEO