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MeetON: Social Media & The New With Sarah Rose Stack

Without a doubt, the greatest way to expand your business is through social media. UnFranchise® Owners are missing a humongous opportunity to build as both an entrepreneur and a team member. There is so much opportunity for growth because you don’t have to build a business in one particular area. On social media, you can build all over your network and attract potential clients with products and the Shopping Annuity® .

To help explain prospecting strategies through social media, Director of Business Integration Sarah Rose Stack is hosting a MeetON on Thursday, August 30th at 8:00 PM EDT. The session will cover new ways to prospect and recruit through social media and how that can tie into the new Market America website.

Mark your calendars down, tell your team, and get ready to go on a social media journey!

Prospecting Strategies: Social Media & the new

Who: Sarah Rose Stack

When: 8/30/2018

Time: 8:00 PM EDT

Join Sarah Rose Stack and explore ways to increase your prospecting and recruiting success. We will discuss social media strategies that work to drive interest in your business and how to tie it to your site.

1. Generating Interest: With social media & personal conversations

2. Leveraging your site with prospects for evaluation, credibility and follow-up

3. Effective follow-up from leads that come in through your site.

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