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MeetON: Week 3 On The Fast Track With Jim Winkler

All aboard the fast track to success!

This Sunday, 2/18, Jim Winkler will host Week 3 of his 90 Day Fast Track Accountability Group. This week, Jim will discuss the importance of momentum and how UFOs need to capitalize on it in order to grow. The session will be broadcasted on MeetON at 9 PM EST.

For more, read the details below.

90 Day Fast Track Accountability Team – Week 3 – The Momentum Continues

Who: Jim Winkler

When: 2/18/18

Time: 9:00 PM EST

Who wants to make a move to a new UnFranchise level? Our last session made a huge difference for the people participating and they are now moving to new heights in the business. We will do a different session every week for 12 weeks and provide you with a FB group and accountability sheet to follow along with. Each week we will cover different topics that support building your business and discuss strategies to take your business to another level. We will review why accountability groups are so important, do an overview of our accountability sheet, share how we are going to run the accountability group and go over the first steps of success: Building the right attitude, creating a possibility list – how to add two a day and call one a day and so much more… Get your teammates organized and get as many of them as you can to join you. Each week we will have a Q and A session during the broadcast. This is perfect for those of you looking to take your UnFranchise business to the next level. Join our FB Group – 90 Day Fast Track – Jim Winkler 

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