Memorial Day Essentials to Celebrate at Home

While we may not go to barbecues or parades to celebrate Memorial Day as usual, we can still celebrate and honor those who have served in the U.S. Military and given their lives in combat. Yes, this year’s celebration may be on a smaller scale, but let’s show our patriotism at home!

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For many, it starts with patriotism. What better way to show your appreciation by decorating your house? You can find a banners to drape across your porch at basically any store right now. Oh and don’t forget the clothes!

If you knew someone who has passed away while serving, visit their grave, drink their favorite beer or watch their favorite movie to honor them.


So, you may not be attending your annual neighborhood barbecue, but you can have a mini cookout at your home with your family. Fire up the grill, bring out your lawn games and sidewalk chalk for your kids and enjoy the weekend. To show some Memorial Day spirit here, draw a flag on your driveway – that will be a great sight for those driving by.

Get Outdoors 

It is recommended to camp close to home these days, but some state parks are now open for campers, in addition to private campgrounds. Of course, call the ensure your destination campground is open before packing the car, but the whole family can enjoy this one – even the dog! If you’d rather stay home, then pitch your tent in your own backyard and camp out at home!

Maybe camping isn’t your thing – that’s okay! Bust out your bicycles, picnic supplies or fishing rods and enjoy the fresh air.


With these ideas in mind, here are a few essentials to celebrate Memorial Day at home this year: 

  • Patriotic Gear
  • Grill
  • Tent
  • Games
  • Food
  • S’mores
  • Your Family


How is your family planning on spending Memorial Day weekend this year?


April Laughlin

April Laughlin


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