Monday Motivation: JR Ridinger Shares Wisdom on Utopia IV

Have you been following the maiden voyage of Utopia IV on social media? If not, you are missing out! Make sure to follow the social channels of JR Ridinger, Loren Ridinger, and Market America for updates in the Mediterranean!

Besides admiring the sights and sounds from the luxurious Utopia IV, the corporate team is hard at work preparing for MAIC2018. If you can believe it, we’re almost one month away from the 2018 International Convention. In Market America, UFOs like JR and Loren can work on Utopia IV because in the UnFranchise® Business, it’s a digital office. Growing the business, showing the plan, and funding the Shopping Annuity® can be completed in a house, car, or on the back of a ship!

In addition to preparing for MAIC2018, JR Ridinger has been creating inspirational and motivational videos with the multimedia team. Topics about time, dreams, and converting spending into earning were featured in the videos. These quick messages might spark a magic moment and lead to the discovery of your “why.” Share these positive videos on social media and with your team!

To watch the videos, scroll below.

Utopia IV – Time

Utopia IV – Live Your Dream

Utopia IV – It’s a Reality

Utopia IV – Discover You Why

Utopia IV – The Revolutionary Shopping Annuity

Utopia IV – Celebrate Life and Success

For more videos from Utopia IV, go to JR Ridinger’s YouTube Channel.





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