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#MondayMotivation from Loren Ridinger

Are you in need of a good dose of motivation to help get your week off to a strong start? Whenever we find ourselves in need of a little inspiration, we turn to Loren Ridinger’s past presentations. Continue reading to hear 3 questions to work your weakness.

Loren Ridinger was on fire at the 2020 Market America World Conference! Stop letting fear run your life and ruin opportunities for you. What will you be able to achieve or do that your weakness has been holding you back from? Loren offered 3 questions to help us work our weakness in order to overcome it. Take a look:

MAWC2020 Loren Ridinger – 3 Questions to Work Your Weakness

Did Loren’s words resonate with you? Grab a piece of paper and let’s get started!

  1. What is your weakness? The first step to working your weakness is to admit & face it.

  2. Why change your weakness?

  3. What will happen when in your life when you overcome your weakness?

After you answer these 3 questions, change your focus to your strengths. Write down 3-5 of your strengths and ask your friends and family what they see your biggest strength as. Use these strengths to overcome your weakness!


Need more words of encouragement and wisdom from Loren Ridinger? Watch her full MAWC 2020 presentation HERE.

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Ashley Purnell

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