More Great Health & Nutrition Products Launched at MAIC 2013

We’re back live from Market America 2013 International Convention! The Market America product team has been busy over the last few months formulating new products to bring to everyone. Earlier today, Director of U.S. Product Management Elizabeth Benton told us about some of the newest health & nutrition products from Market America.

Just a little while ago on stage at Market America 2013 International Convention, Benton and Dr. Deedra Mason, Director of Clinical Research & Education, introduced everyone to Frusanté, a new functional superfruit drink, and gave everyone great news on some of your favorite existing product lines – as well as a sneak peek at a special new Isotonix product coming soon.

“The superfruit industry is expected to outperform coffee and soft drinks by 2016. So what we set to do with this new product was to put together a powerful formulation that will outperform the other products out there.” – Elizabeth Benton

Functional drinks have long been popular alternatives in the health & nutrition market. One of the growing trends in health drinks is tea-based beverages, a category that brought in more than $502 million over the last year, achieving 15.1% growth over that time.

Tea has long been used for its cardiovascular benefits; Black, green and white teas all have unique properties for heart health, from cholesterol support to promotion of normal blood pressure. Combined with the superfruits in functional drinks, these ingredients create not only a healthy blend, but a delicious one, too.

“This is a much more comprehensive product because of the way we have blended these unique ingredients together. We were looking for a combination that will give you a mental energy, not just a physical energy.” – Dr. Deedra Mason

Frusanté – the new health & wellness beverage supplement from Market America – supports your cardiovascular and overall health while keeping you refreshed and hydrated. Its three-tea blend (black, green and white teas) and three-fruit blend (Sea buckthorn, moringa and chokeberry) combine to nourish your heart and power your body. Add in coconut water to keep you hydrated, and Frusanté proves that good health can taste great.

Existing Product Updates
After receiving resounding feedback from our customers, we’ve reintroduced a product that is sure to bring desire, arousal and satisfaction to women everywhere.

Prime Time Female Libido Formula contains two amazing ingredients – Damiana and L-Histidine – to help support a healthy female libido (sexual interest & desire) and promote normal sexual arousal, intensity, pleasure and performance.

“You want to know that the product is going to produce results and delivered as promised, right? Well that is what [Prime Time Female Libido] does.” – Dr. Deedra Mason

In addition, we’ve given a fresh look to our NutriClean® brand, and are adding new flavors to Torch™ and Ultimate Aloe™.

Sneak Peek: A New Isotonix Product Coming Soon
Finally, Elizabeth Benton gave everyone at the event a glimpse into the future: A super sneak peek of a product that is coming soon and will be one of the company’s most innovative formulas to date.

In recent months, one of the most talked-about ingredients in the health & nutrition industry has been bromelain, an extract derived from the stems of pineapples that has been used by Europeans for many years for its health benefits. Studies have shown that bromelain – a protease enzyme – has the ability to help your immune system detect and break down unhealthy cells, and that this ingredient is effective for treating inflammation related to tendinitis, sprains and strains; muscle injuries; and surgeries.

The Market America team has been working on a new product that combines bromelain and white willow bark – another amazing ingredient used throughout history for inflammation and pain and fever reduction – utilizing the revolutionary Isotonix delivery system. Stay tuned for more information about when we will be releasing this revolutionary product this fall!

“Bromelain has a really unique way it impacts cell health. What bromelain can do is help our immune system repair abnormal cells, which is essential if we want to be and stay healthy!” – Dr. Deedra Mason

For those of you here in Greensboro for Market America 2013 International Convention, join Elizabeth and the Market America product team for a combined Health & Nutrition-TLS Weight Loss Solution super breakout tonight at 8 p.m. at the Koury Convention Center!

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Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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