More Than A Mom

We are officially a few days away from a very special holiday. Mother’s Day is on May 8th and for many, this is a special day. May 8th is more than a holiday, it’s a day that symbolizes the love we have for our moms. Most people like to show the love and appreciation they have for their moms with a celebration. You can throw a party, cook a nice meal for your mom, buy her flowers, and just tell your mom how much you love them. Whatever you do on May 8th, just make sure it’s something that will put a smile on your mom’s face. One way you can do something special for your mom is by getting her a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift! If you don’t know where to start you can start by looking on SHOP.COM Mother’s Day 5-star gift blog. There you can find tons of Mother’s day gift ideas that are all on SHOP.COM! No matter what you do know that your mom will think it’s special. To all the UFOs and their customers who are reading this blog we just want to say we are so thankful for all the moms out there. Happy almost Mother’s Day!



DeAnna Hedgepeth

DeAnna Hedgepeth


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