More Ways to Love your Pet with New Pet Health Products

Simple solutions to enhance your furry friend’s life and overall well-being. Just launched at MAIC 2022, meet our new Pet Health products that you will both love.

Pet Health CBD Formula for Cats & Dogs Pet Tincture: purrfect for pet owners seeking to support their pet’s joint comfort and activity or looking to help support calmness in their pets. It comes in a tincture that makes it easier to put on your pet’s favorite treat or administer directly by mouth. Pet Health CBD Formula for Cats & Dogs is formulated with 10 mg of CBD (cannabidiol) per dropper, THC free, and enhanced with a tasty salmon flavor that both cats and dogs will enjoy.

CBD Formula Pet Tincture Benefits*:

• Encourage a natural and calming state
• Sustain healthy joint function and liveliness
• One droplet amounts to 10mg of CBD
• Unlike most CBD products, our formula contains CBD isolate, eliminating any THC

Pet Health Liver & Digestion Support for Cats & Dogs Pet Tincture: crafted with 333 mg of milk thistle per dropper to promote the detoxification of the liver and provide antioxidant support to help maintain a healthy immune system. It’s formulated with a tasty salmon-flavored oil you can easily sneak into your pet’s favorite food or treat for added digestive and metabolic support. Help support your cat’s and dog’s liver so those tails can keep wagging.

Liver & Digestion Support Pet Tincture Benefits*:

• Milk thistle to reinforce liver & digestive health
• Facilitate powerful antioxidant & free radical scavenger
• Minimize toxin build-up for a healthy immune system
• Regular detoxification proved essential
• Limit extra time, money, & distress spent on countless wellness visits



Christine Howard

Christine Howard


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