Motives Beauty Advisor Spotlight: Laura van den Heever

We’ve had the privilege of introducing you to our amazing and talented Motives Beauty Advisors who are successfully building their Unfranchise business. This week, we’d like you to meet Laura van den Heever from a small village just north of London UK! Like many of our Beauty Advisors, Laura began her entrepreneurial journey with Motives Cosmetics after using our high-quality products on herself and her clients!  Read on to learn more about Laura and how she builds her Motives business in UK!



A little bit of blurb about my personal life! I married the love of my life and partner in crime Christiaan 5 years ago! Hubs and I have 2 beautiful boys Rory and Barkley age 4 and 2 years.  Christiaan works in the Banking Technology arena…or whatever that means?! I’m a professional Makeup Artist, having worked in the Beauty Industry for IMG_282817 years with a background in Lecturing and Management.

1.  How were you introduced to Motives? 

I was introduced to the business by my gorgeous friend Andreea Thomson and instantly my head was turned! However, our 2-year-old son Barkley was very young and has special needs, which at the time was extremely time-consuming, therefore I felt I was unable to commit. I have a tendency to overfill my plate by saying ‘Yes’ all the time. I’m sure some of you can relate to that?! I’ve also been part of MLM businesses in the past, they seem to pop up on a weekly basis and I was pretty sure it was something similar, often good products and bad plans. I began using the products myself and on my clients meticulously for 6 months, took a closer look at the plan before the realization that this was a no brainer!


2. What made you want to learn more and eventually partner?

Don Martin visited the UK a few months after we started, and WOW! it was like lighting a firework and we haven’t looked back since then! Christian and I were fortunate enough to attend the World Conference in Miami! I was asked by Lisa to support on the Motives stand applying makeup and our team got to go backstage to see Loren! AMAZING experiences! If Don Martin was game changing, Miami really was life changing!

3. How have you leveraged NMTSS events to build your belief/ propel your success?

Plugging into the NMTSS has been crucial for our business growth as you all know! It continues the excitement and image1motivation. Our NMTSS is slowly growing here, we’re now having regular training’s which is fantastic, although we all really look forward to our Local Seminars, when you guys fly over from the US and give us your success story, that’s incredibly inspiring! And we’ll be there ourselves soon!

4. In what way have you maximized your existing business as a Pro-Artist by incorporating Motives into your kit?

As I said for me, it was a no-brainer. I already had the foot fall and to be able to take care of my clients from beginning to end and not have to send them to the store to purchase their products I’ve used is seamless. My client base has also grown with other services I offer from my Motives Parties. Everybody wins!image4[1]

5. What do you feel is the best way to expand your Motives team?

In terms of retailing and expanding my Motives team, I never go in with a hard sell, you don’t need to with products and a compensation plan this good! My clients trust me; we’ve been loyal to each other for years and I take care of those relationships. If there is a product that could be good for them, we discuss it and they may image5purchase. If they don’t, chances are it will come up again! Aside from clients, a lot of interest comes from Motives Parties. I think this is because I’m relaxed in this environment and genuinely want to have fun! I think ladies find that appealing. I’m started to unlock the power of social media; a rather late developer I know! I’m taking inspiration from all you guys and this is proving to be very fruitful!

6. What are you most excited about in regards to long term goals leveraging Motives & Market America?

Christiaan and I are working through our goals! Short term goals were to establish a strong base of preferred customers. In addition to this, to understand and implement the business building activities to coach and mentor others to reach their goals and be successful. My background is in training, therefore I thrive when coaching, mentoring and delivering learning. To be a part of the NMTSS applying these skills within this business would be and amazing opportunity and natural progression. Longer term around 2-3 years we hope to achieve a pin level enabling us to resign from day to day employment, focusing on the business full time. Looking further to the future, 5+ years we aim to have the most million-pound earners on our team. That will truly secure the success and lifestyle we aim for, not only for us but for the lives of those dearest to us including our team.


I have to say that this business has truly given me something I never saw coming, pride, ownership, care, and above all LOVE. The people in the business are amazing! My team is amazing. Everybody is so kind. It doesn’t matter one iota what you’ve achieved or not achieved in the past. The people that will be successful in this business are the people that DO this business. It really is as simple as that.

Zizi Barhouma

Zizi Barhouma


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