Motives Beauty Advisor Spotlight: Jackie Carpenito

Each week, we have had the privilege of introducing you to our amazing and talented Motives Beauty Advisors who are successfully building their UnFranchise Business. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Jackie Carpenito. Like many of our Beauty Advisors, Jackie began her entrepreneurial journey with Motives Cosmetics after using our high-quality products on herself and her clients in her hair salon and makeup studio. Read on to learn more about Jackie and how she leverages as many NMTSS events as possible to grow her Motives business.


1. How were you introduced to Motives?

I was in a weekly business networking group with a woman named Marika Gratham (now my sponsor and friend) and each week she would talk about Motives Cosmetics and Isotonix. She seemed so passionate that I decided to purchase a few products from her and was instantly hooked!

2. What made you want to learn more and eventually partner?

I own a hair salon and makeup studio called Axle Color Studio. I began using the products I had purchased from Marika on my clients and, as expected, they all wanted to know where they could purchase them. At that point, it only made sense that I become an UnFranchise Owner. I loved the idea that I could use the best products on my clients and offer them those same great products to take home with them, but that I could also purchase most of the necessary supplies needed to run my business FROM MYSELF! From cleaning supplies to paper products to ink cartridges for my printer, I have it covered. It didn’t make sense for me NOT to partner.

3. How have you leveraged NMTSS events to build your belief and propel your success?

NMTSS is a huge key to success when utilized. My entire view and understanding of the company changed when I attended my first World Conference. Whenever things get busy and I start to lose sight, attending any type of MA event or UBP will bring you right back where you need to be.

4. In what way have you maximized your existing business as a Pro-Artist by incorporating Motives into your kit?

Incorporating Motives into my kit was a seamless and welcome transition. I love working with the products. They do what they say that are going to do; they sell themselves. I carry inventory of almost all the products in my salon, and if there’s something that’s sold out, I can easily have the product shipped to my client’s home or direct them to Custom Blend Foundation has also been a game changer for me. It’s the only foundation I will put on my skin, my entire staff is addicted to it, and it’s a unique, personalized service that I can offer to our clients that really sets us apart.

5. What do you feel is the best way to expand your Motives team?

  • Social media – brand yourself!
  • Stay connected with your team.
  • Tap into your network of makeup lovers, makeup artists, salon owners, stylists and friends or family members who you know just might be looking for a better way. You never know who your next business partner might be.
  • Walk the walk – shop only through yourself when possible, follow up when you say you will, and always stay positive.  

6. What are you most excited about in regards to long term goals leveraging Motives & Market America?

I believe in this company and I believe in its products. The more I learn, the more excited I become. This year I’m looking forward to becoming more engaged with our skincare lines and more consistently incorporating that into my makeup consultations, applications and lessons. Market America is an ever growing, ever changing company, and so are all of us. I look forward to changing and growing with this company and being able to offer my clients the best in skincare, supplements, makeup, shopping, all while creating an annuity for my family.  

Melissa Paniagua

Melissa Paniagua


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