Motives Beauty Advisor Spotlight: Jane Bond

Each week we have the privilege of introducing you to a Motives Beauty Advisor who is successfully building their UnFranchise business. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Jane Bond. Before joining the Market America family, Jane was looking for searching for something that would help her build something for her family. With a goal of helping aspiring makeup artists learn about Motives, this Charlotte-based Motives Certified Trainer is grateful for the business plan that Loren and JR have created. Read on to learn more about Jane and her long term goals with Motives Cosmetics!


1. How were you introduced to Motives?

I was introduced to Motives through the custom blend. Then eventually found out about the Isotonix. I suffered from very bad allergies.

2. What made you want to learn more and eventually partner?

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial passion. My husband and I have tried so many different businesses and never made any money and we were always searching for something that made sense and that will help us build something for our family.

3.How have you leveraged NMTSS events to build your belief/propel your success?

The NMTSS is such an awesome resource. It’s the first thing I explain to my new partners and we teach them that there is never any excuse we cannot build. My team learns to utilize the NMTSS and also know the importance of committing to attending all of our major events.

4. In what way have you maximized your existing business as a Pro-Artist by incorporating Motives into your kit?

The Pro Artist program should be an automatic YES for every freelancer. It’s the best program because as Pro Artist you have access to a #1 cosmetic line (at cost) plus you’re earning 100% client loyalty because they cannot go anywhere else for Motives and Custom Blend. It’s the best way to build up a kit. No brainer!

5. What do you feel is the best way to expand your Motives team?

The best way is to learn from other business owners. That’s how I learn. I never claim to know everything so I’m constantly watching MeetOn and listening to audios.  

6. What are you most excited about in regards to long term goals leveraging Motives & Market America?

I wake up every morning and so thankful for being an UnFranchise Owner. I love Motives! My goal is to help aspiring makeup artists learn about Motives. I’ve met so many new to the industry that either have no money to pursue their career or no direction on how to get started. I’m so grateful for JR and Loren for creating a brilliant business plan that the average person can follow.

Melissa Paniagua

Melissa Paniagua


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